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Bio Designers who think in code. We make things like @dropmark, @siteleaf, @partlyblue, and @pizzacompass. Ship or it didnt happen.
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Buffer : .@dcscores create neighborhood teams that give kids in need the confidence & skills to succeed on the field, in the classroom, & in life. Their website dcscores.org is #builtwithsiteleaf

Buffer : Diary of a Wimpy Kid is totally rad, and we loved talking with their team last year about how they use Dropmark to co-ordinate their global partners (and they said some delightful stuff about books and us): url.drp.mk/2IHNqVj

Twitter Web App : Combining your favorite clothing styles along with whats already in your closet to recommend new clothes. Mind blown? Ours too. metalab.co/projects/finery

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iPhone : As the school season is approaching, children, parents, and teachers are forced to be aware of gun violence, more than ever before. Innocent students are put in harm’s way and punished for no reason. What’s it going to take? #100Everyday #Hyperakt

iPhone : Design friends,
I have an amazing project kicking off at Google and now have 3 open contracts to fill.

1. UX motion designer
2. Design systems expert
3. Graphic designer

🔁 RTs appreciated.
💬 DMs Open.

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Twitterrific for iOS : Paul Soulellis Ah ok yes!! He...uh...definitely has a LOT of pent up rage expressed in overly complicated and weird ways here 😬 I think that’s why his attitude about colors like “peach” and “lavender” are so hilarious in the face of all that toxicity

iPhone : day 2: boneless

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Instagram : My first ever backpacking experience was an incredible, all-consuming, 4-day adventure, thanks to this amazing human and dear friend, shiflett. ❤️ @ Buchanan Pass instagram.com/p/B0kfMdDAEKx/…

Twitter Ads Composer : Add some #customtattly to your gift wrap routine! We loved this idea from @blazebratcher over on instagram: instagram.com/p/BzGT_vkAUhb/…

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Twitter Web App : Trista Kempa Great thread Kempa. Im sure you now know that youre worth a shitload more than those assholes thought you were worth!
PS - Im also sure its not a coincidence that every startup you work for has an IPO or gets bought out for a high valuation.

iPhone : this is maya, her owner built her a luxury cabin so that people passing by can say hello and even talk to her while hes at work
(Fencing Decking Specialists NI FB)

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Sprout Social : .Tina Essmaker will discuss her new Asking Not Asking column on IG Live w/ guest aundre. The topic? How to build a business & how to know when to keep on the same path or chart a new course. Follow us on IG (@wnotw) & tune in Tuesday, 8/20 at 2pm EDT. Bring Qs!

Buffer : Spatula Interactive Ltd. We dont have any plans to support Rust, HOWEVER, I think youll find our SDK quite easy to start with, whatever programming background you come from! Most developers so far have been new to Lua, and they figured it out quickly.

Tweetbot for iΟS : James Cridland #PM19 Jason DeFillippo 🎤 And suppose ~80% of listeners don’t skip (which lines up with most data I’ve seen). Of the ~20% who do, how many are realistically skipping because the ads aren’t targeted enough to them?

The vast majority likely skip because they don’t want to hear ANY ads, not THESE ads.

Twitter Web App : ‏Chris Adams‎ It took me 3 days, but I finally got it working! Thanks for the pointer to PuTTY-CAC, that was critical. Git let me configure it to use plink during the setup wizard. The final trick was that you have to accept the host key from the PuTTY GUI -- cant from the command line.

Instagram : Baby, its cold outside. Come down to Red Hook & #eathometown. #vietnamesehotwings #brooklynbbq… instagram.com/p/BN2MpHljcDu/

Twitter Web App : Thursday, Aug 22, Rooftop Films returns to IC with their iconic feature film program celebrating film, music and art. Come see your live viewing of the coming-of-age story behind @AnbessaTheFilm. Buy Tickets: bit.ly/2YUgDnW twitter.com/ifpfilm/status…

Twitter Web App : In multiple recent disclosure discussions on Twitter, I had said I will write a longer blog post about my views. I finally found the time to jot them down. I expect almost every reader to disagree with something vehemently. Enjoy Disclosure Rashomon: addxorrol.blogspot.com/2019/08/rashom…

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The best thing I try and do is to stay healthy enough to keep making, because the joy is in the making; the joy is in the doing. There isn’t any other.

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Twitter Web App : Corey Ching from Algolia is going to teach us all about Building an Omnichannel Search to Delight Users at Meet Magento NYC. Be sure to check it out!

Grab your ticket! → bit.ly/33B8UKj


Hubot @GitHubAPI Integration : GitHub Services Feature Is Deprecated, for More Information See developer.github.com/changes/2019-0…