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iPhone : I loved that episode but of course people are complaint about leaks for an episode that’s not even out yet. “That was the best episode in years but if the leaks are true Chibnall is the worst thing to happen to Doctor Who” 😐

iPhone : Pete Haha good point. I guess the other film in development will be the one with humans.

TweetDeck : I've been trying to avoid D*ctor Wh* spoilers since yesterday because I couldn't watch last night. Let's see how that goes for the rest of today.

TweetDeck : So the non Marvel TV Studios shows remaining are

•Agents of SHIELD (ending soon)
•Helstrom (Hulu)
•MODOK (Hulu, animated)
•Hit Monkey (Hulu, animated)

TweetDeck : Cancelling plans is ok. Going to Pandora instead is ok. Integrating into the Na’vi way of life is ok. Ditching your human body to become a Na’vi permanently is ok. Do what you need to cope.

TweetDeck : If it is The Rani/Susan/Romana, I can't wait to see the outrage from Doctor Who fans. twitter.com/bbcdoctorwho/s…

TweetDeck : Really enjoyed the first episode of #StarTrekPicard, Remembrance. We finally have a series that takes place in the future of the Federation. Well, two series when Discovery season three premieres.