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Android : Trussia It's bad for several reasons including preventing outside info from coming in as well as controlling the info people receive. Also will be harder to attack them back if they hit countries with cyber warfare

Android : After 6 yrs of Russias bloody occupation, I ask those US politicians who now criticise #Ukraine, to visit eastern Ukraine. Visit the 14,000 graves, the 2 destroyed international airports & the 10,000s destroyed homes. But try not to get killed by a Russian army bullet. #Donbas

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Android : Of course Russian media and social media propagandists are all over it as if they didnt know it was coming. Same tactics different theater. This time Syria

Android : New GaslitNation) 's Twitter Profile">GaslitNation on cyberwarfare! We interview Andy Greenberg on an ongoing and understudied threat.

"The world watched cyberwarfare unfold in Ukraine. A few Cassandras warned it would spill into the rest of the world -- and it did." -- GaslitNation) 's Twitter Profile">GaslitNation patreon.com/posts/new-era-…

Android : Sarah Kendzior GaslitNation Yeah the biggest mystery to me has been how the West over the past decade has appeased the Kremlin knowing full well their capability of attacks on the West. They watched it unfold in Ukraine that has been a testing ground for everything including infrastructure and did nothing.

Android : OCCRP has named Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat the OCCRP 2019 Person of the Year in Organized Crime and Corruption. Other finalists were Donald J. Trump,
Rudy Giuliani & Denis Christel Sassou Nguesso, son of the president of the DRC.

Android : Strategic Missile Forces chief, Gen Sergei Karakayev, said that the Avangard was put on duty w a unit in the Orenburg region in southern Ural Mountains.

Android : The destruction Russias forces have inflicted on eastern #Ukraine, equals that seen during #WW2. Towns, countless villages & 2 international airports have been reduced to rubble. Well over a million people have fled their homes. And this is happening in #Europe. #Donbas #Donbass

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