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Bio Sick of seeing my once proud country going down the pan!
Socialism is like Cancer once it gets hold, it destroys the host from within!

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Android : Ten people have been arrested during a climate change protest in Dover aimed at "blockading" the port.

Climate change is just an excuse to tax the air that we breath…

Android : Normally my videos are based around forensics of climate fraud, but I am going to start branching off into teaching scientific principles.
I expect to release a video tomorrow explaining why Venus is hot and Mars is cold - despite both having 95% CO2 atmospheres.

Android : To all those who think we have not left EU yet

You are wrong.

The UK left the EU on Friday 29th March at 11pm.

PM May & her legal team did not have authority to extend Art.50 period. They have admitted their error in docs submitted to the Royal Courts of Justice.


Android : The Bill of Rights (1689) is still in force. You cannot be ‘fined’ without a conviction in a court of law. These jobsworths could have just asked her to remove the dog from private property.…

Android : Heres the top 20 deadliest hurricanes in recorded history. Tell me that the fingerprints of climate change are on the hurricane in 1737 that killed 300K people in Bangladesh during the Little Ice Age. Besides, climate change does not have fingerprints. Its a fake concept.

Android : Law firm branded 'totally racist' for advertising apprenticeships specifically for black students

Can you imagine if a company advertised a job for whites only, we would never hear the end of it from Abbott and Lammy.…

Android : Albanian 'killer' has bid to claim asylum vetoed by Priti Patel

Well that's one bit of good news but I would suggest all asylum claims are vetoed.
That is what the majority want and apparently we do live in a democracy.

Android : By the time the Loan Charge legislation was announced I had stopped using these schemes & begun my retirement. The impact on me...will be devastating...I have no chance of finding the money that HMRC are seeking.

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Android : Emily Thornberry sneers and mocks those who proudly fly our national flag – but is more than happy to wear the stars of those at the other side of the negotiating table – who seek to ‘punish’ us for daring to democratically vote to leave their club.

Speaks volumes to me like!

Android : Israel has bombed Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and Iraq repeatedly in the past month.

Israel continues stealing land carrying out ethnic cleansing across Palestine.

Israel has hundreds of nukes and refuses to sign the NPT.

Israel is the region’s aggressor and terrorizer... Not #Iran.…

Android : Homeless migrants set up camp in middle of wealthy Mayfair despite police clearing the settlement amid reports of daily muggings and robberies

Are rich Londoners who preach to us about being in the EU not enjoying their cultural enrichment then.

Android : WATCH | #Paris reaches a new level of carnage. Climate protesters & #BlackBlock anarchists clash with #GiletsJaunes. Trying to break it up are understandably trigger happy coppers – Tear gas bonanza.

Mwhile, Macron reckons he has the authority to lecture us about Brexit. #Joker

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Android : I have decades of success designing electronics used by tens of millions of people around the world.

Climate academics measure of success has been their ability to obtain billions of dollars in research grants in exchange for assisting in the big lie

That's why they're scared.

Android : Weather has always been a big problem, so there has actually been a "climate crisis" somewhere forever. The Pleistocene Ice Age is a 1.6M yr. "Climate Crisis". Much of the globe freezes every year & many people die because of it. Climate was better when all the Earth was green.…

Android : Dawn Butler tells Labour 'get s**t together!' as she likens PM's backers to KKK

Labour think that anyone that isn't Far Left is Far Right when the truth is it's Corbyn and his gang that are the extremist who pose a threat to this country.…

Android : Live from #Paris today: Anti-Macron #YellowVests protests continue going strong in #France for the 45th week in a row, but still barely any coverage from the deceptive Western media. #GiletsJaunes #ClimateStrike

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Android : Good heavens. The Liberal Democrats wrote to Juncker asking him not to agree a change to the deal because that would make it harder to push for Remaining.

I didn’t think I could still be shocked in this Brexit saga, but it turns out I was wrong.…