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Bio Sick of seeing my once proud country going down the pan!
Socialism is like Cancer once it gets hold, it destroys the host from within!

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Android : Fair for all except the individuals singled out for a charge that is up to twenty years retrospective in its effect, simply to cover up HMRC failings.…

Android : 150,000 illegal immigrants enter UK each year, says whistleblower ex-Home Office boss. Former Director General of Immigration Enforcement David Wood insists the secret government estimate is being hidden from the public.…

Android : David Davis CCTV sounds brilliant for 99% of the population, while a government we can trust is in control, because only bad people need to worry.

What happens when a totalitarian government gets in and uses the already in use CCTV system to stop any opposition to their government?

Android : Live facial recognition cameras have the potential to erode civil liberties in the UK for little gain and some risk. It is time for a moratorium on the use of the cameras so that we can better understand the risks and limitations of such technology.…

Android : Hounded by HMRC for payment of £90,000 which now includes £15,000 interest) to be paid at £4,000 per month, also threatened with bailiff action if I don’t also pay APN for same period.
Not what Mel Stride said “75% of the debt will be paid for by the scheme organisers” etc.…

Android : Many people facing the retrospective #LoanCharge will also be concerned about the upcoming #IR35 reforms. We need to #STOPtheLoanCharge otherwise it will pave the way for retro IR35 too. Please support IPSE on #NationalFreelancersDay…

Android : Boris Johnson branded 'racist' by SNP's Ian Blackford - Furious moment angry MPs erupt

You know when you've beaten the Left in an argument - they call you a racist.

'Racist' these days is simply anyone that doesn't agree with the Far Left…

Android : Police earlier announced officially it was now an investigation, 3 counts of fraud, coercion, intimidation and destruction of voting cards.. watch this space..…

Android : From my perspective, Philip Hammond is now as toxic a character for the Conservatives as David Cameron & George Osborne. The new leader needs to clean house, ridding government of trouble makers like Hammond before any public trust can ever be regained.…

Android : Mayor of London ... MUSLIM
Mayor of Birmingham ... MUSLIM
Mayor of Leeds ... MUSLIM
Mayor of Blackburn ... MUSLIM
Mayor of Sheffield ... MUSLIM
Mayor of Oxford ... MUSLIM
Mayor of Luton ... MUSLIM
Mayor of Oldham ... MUSLIM
Mayor of Rockdale ... MUSLIM.

Android : My ‘home’ due to the Loan Charge I live in a caravan. Losing my contract July 5 because of the LC. This is my view of the world. I’m 47 years old. Living the dream eh.

Android : Hong Kong v France

John Bercow and MPs condemning the use of teargas and rubber bullets in Hong Kong. Massive UK media coverage by BBC & Sky News.

The same people ignore the use of teargas, rubber bullets and brutal violence a few miles away in Paris. BBC & Sky News silent.