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Android : cw /suicide

yeah a lot of misogynists hate twilight bc it was popular with women, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it's a deeply problematic story that glorifies a codependent, emotionally abusive relationship and romanticises suicidality so... it's still Very Bad

Android : “I’m going to sleep”

me making my way to the kitchen @ 2am:

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Android : do writers know that..... gay people hang out with other gay people.....??? so if you have one gay character....u should probably have more than....one....??? idk just a thought

Android : i fcking hate tweets like this whoop whoop fühl mich ja nicht eh schon wie n fliegenschiss im Universum, danke für das

*schreibt, damit sich in paar Jahrzehnten noch jemand an meinen Namen erinnert* twitter.com/CasusKnacksus/…

Android : Made my day.
Ich werde heute wohl nicht mehr aufhören zu lachen.

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Android : movies that all bring a unique indescribable Emotion™:
- anastasia
- spirit stallion of the cimarron
- lotr + hobbit
- amélie
- hot fuzz
- the mummy
- drei haselnüsse für aschenbrödel
- train to busan
- jennifer's body
- arrival
- night at the museum
- grand budapest hotel

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