Jenny #AmericaFIRST ❤️’g NATIONALIST❣️#KAG2020❣️ (@ouchinagirl )

Jenny #AmericaFIRST ❤️’g NATIONALIST❣️#KAG2020❣️

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iPhone : 10 things you should tell your kids.

1. I love you
2. I’m proud of you
3. I forgive you
4. I’m listening
5. Jesus loves you
6. Always vote Republican
7. Don’t marry a liberal
8. Socialism doesn’t work
9. Taxation is theft
10. NO


iPhone : 🇺🇸🇺🇸Come check out the Armed and Feminine Channel.🇺🇸🇺🇸
@RealEagleWings Charlie Daniels James Woods Feisty☀️Floridian Tom Gresham Maj Toure Kimberly Corban Dan Bongino
#2AShallNotBeInfringed #2Adefenders

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iPhone : The Dems continue 2 want to enslave the poor with entitlements as Pres.Trump continues to give them opportunity to enjoy a better life. And all MSM can do is negative press. No coverage at all about EO to help retirement or unemployment numbers,only caravans and Mueller all day🤔

iPhone : Interesting, you dont suppose that the judge is looking 4 a perjury trap & maybe justice will be done. The mob tatics of a Special Consuel with no scope or no Russian Collusion.This investigation is a crime itself. #ClearGenFlynn #AllInForGenFlynnFriday…

iPhone : Children... women... dogs... cats... We’ll kill anything we find in our way: S. African politician’s call to kill whites sparks outrage

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iPhone : Today it’s been revealed how corrupt the govt is at every level..again.

Mueller defied #JudgeSullivan.
Will Judge Sullivan be an honorable judge? Will he set General Flynn free from the grips of Deep State?

Do the right thing. Make the lawful decision to expose the FBI & Mueller.

iPhone : Imagine giving your entire life & career to you country. Excelling at every level w honor.

This man dares to support Trump for President....that’s all it takes for his own govt, OUR own govt to literally destroy his life’s work & family.

We dont have to imagine. It’s real.

iPhone : And OF COURSE, she’ll be forgiven & it will be forgotten in a nano-second.

iPhone : Did you know this fun fact?🤔

77 countries have a border wall and 62 of them were built AFTER 1990.

And yet were racist and immoral for wanting to protect ourselves? 🤬

#ScrewYouSchumer #ScrewYouPelosi

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iPhone : Get ready for
new doors to open,
new opportunities to emerge.







Do not take your loved ones for granted.


- General Flynn

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iPhone : If Congress wants to reinforce its power to declare war, will they find a way to do it discreetly, or will the enemy know we're coming. Can the executive at least conduct an unannounced attack, while congress votes? If congressional war power is not discreet, then it's obsolete.