Mrs Hoffman Its a blue🌍#FBR (@pamelasummer57 )

Mrs Hoffman Its a blue🌍#FBR

Bio Liberal Democrat. Retired L.P.N. I am just a messenger. Trump is impeached.#RESISTANCE #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020.🆘🇺🇸 No DMs, MAGA ppl will be blocked.
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Android : Marshall Cohen So Ivanka, who made handbags, can serve as advisor to POTUS and represent the US abroad, and Jared Kushner, known for making dismal real estate deals, can solve the Middle East crisis... but Dr. Nancy Messonnier, an MD who's been in public health since 1995, is "unqualified."

Android : "If you haven't had've lost your soul."

I have HAD IT! with slimy #Trumptwat #DonnyTheWonderJackass
& his racist sexist illiterate ignorant demented vile self-aggrandizing narcissistic world-destroying anti-American snake oil salesman grifter thug DICKtatership…

Android : Imagine if Trump would have been prez in 2008 during the financial crisis. We’d still have Trumpville shantytowns.

That’s now. Except this is death.

Android : After this fascist authoritarian totalitarian Orwellian dystopian talibangelical kleptocratic oligarchic kakistocratic nepotist traitor Upsidedown Twilight Zone Outer Limits American Horror Story nightmare, I welcome some good old-fashioned 1930’s New Deal Democratic Socialism.

Android : There’s been a lot of talk about communism lately, and you know what?

THIS is communism.

We’ve got a dangerous empty-headed talibangelical science-hating fascist traitor deciding what information the public receives about a serious health threat.…

Android : Mr. President, you know what rattles the markets? An incoherent head of state who has the wrong number of coronavirus patients, who underplays the threat, who doesn't know how many people die from the flu, and who has "acting" cabinet officers and wants to cut CDC/NIH budget.