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iPhone : The NYT tweet about the Kavanaugh bombshell is very bad but so too is the editors' framing of the piece as being about the culture on the Yale campus rather than leading with the actual news that a) Debbie Ramirez' claims are corroborated and b) there was another incident.

iPhone : If Joe Biden is Americas Uncle, Americas Uncle has a racism problem that we need to speak about truthfully.

Joy Reid created space for an important, in-depth conversation this morning about what we do when leaders with good hearts are steeped in the age of Mad Men.

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iPhone : “What we should do as individuals is to use the power of democracy to make our voices heard and to make sure that the people in power cannot continue to ignore this.” - Climate activist Greta Thunberg

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iPhone : Yes, I’m serious. We have a racist president with racist policies, and Democrats need an antiracist nominee. Joe Biden keeps showing us that he isn’t up to the task. His debate meltdown proved that once again. He should step aside. The stakes are too high.

iPhone : Let’s be clear: If you are for Biden in this contest, the casual, paternalistic, “Mad Men”-era racism he flaunts — they can’t parent; this one here is clean, articulate, and a nice-looking guy — isn’t a dealbreaker for you.

iPhone : Zero questions about child care, pay equity, paid family leave, abortion, workplace harassment, maternal mortality, or the epidemic of violence against trans women.

Actually, zero questions about women at all.

We are the majority, and we are watching. Do better. #DemDebate

iPhone : Elizabeth Warren is like the political version of Meryl Streep — she always gives a great performance but doesn’t always get enough credit for it because people just kind of expect it of her.

iPhone : There are many reasons, no doubt, for the rising worldwide rejection of liberal democracy. But I suspect the biggest reason — and interestingly, the one that tends to be downplayed — is misogyny. It’s an international tantrum in reaction to feminism.…

iPhone : This is Mexico “not caving” to demands for a safe third country agreement: allowing the US to ramp up sending tens of thousands of asylum seekers to be corralled indefinitely in cities so dangerous that the US prohibits govt employees from traveling there…

iPhone : Does the Mexican government not realize that – regardless of how much they hunt, repress, and strand migrants – this will always be the Trump admin response?…

iPhone : Trump. Minutes ago in North Carolina.

Under the normal rules, Ill be out by 2024, so we may have to go for an extra term.

This man is not your typical U.S. politician. He is a fascist. He must be removed from office now.

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iPhone : These "safe third country" agreements are a strategy to totally dismantle the right to asylum. Honduras and El Salvador are the two primary refugee-sending countries in Central America right now--it's laughable to even think they'd be safe for other refugees…