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Bio Councillor for Harpurhey/Collyhurst. Secretary Manchester Labour Group. Irish Manc.
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iPhone : I surprisingly received a letter from our Tory MP for the last decade Paul Maynard and was then told about his FB post complaining he hadn’t received my reply a few days later. Here is my reply Mr Maynard 👇#Chris4BNC #GE2019 #RealChange

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iPhone : Wow. Andrew Neil hands Boris Johnson his arse on a plate. Well played.

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iPhone : Know a young person whos done something great for this city? Nominate them for a Youth Buzz Award and they could end up being recognised at a glittering ceremony, winning fab prizes donated by local businesses (like laptops!)🕺🏾

Twitter for iPad : Massive moment from Gordon Brown.

Jeremy Corbyn is correct. We were wrong about the neoliberal consensus.

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iPhone : We’ll be out this weekend, proudly campaigning for a socialist Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn, a government that will radically reduce the inequality in our society and tackle the climate crisis by kick-starting a Green Industrial Revolution 🌹✊🌹…

iPhone : There is, perhaps, a class divide. But it isn’t the one Labour are talking up in their rhetoric. It’s the middle class areas where we’ve been hearing the enthusiasm; they’re the ones saying they’re worried about housing, public services and ergo will vote Labour

Android : 6 days before polling day, we are on the #labourdoorstep with Lucy4BurySouth fighting for a The Labour Party) 's Twitter Profile">The Labour Party government. Join our people powered movement to #GetJohnsonGone The Labour Party) 's Twitter Profile">The Labour Party
Bury South CLP #VoteLabour #GeneralElection19

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iPhone : The choice on housing at this election is between Tories who will sit back in the face of a failing market, or Labour who will step up - to drive the change thats needed. My interview for i newspaper on Labours housing plans #GE2019…

iPhone : Who do you think came across as more in touch with ordinary people? (YouGov)

Jeremy Corbyn 57%
Boris Johnson 29%

Isn’t it time we had someone in touch with ordinary people as our Prime Minister?

iPhone : My grandmother who came from Jamaica the 50s was threatened with deportation three years ago, you total callous bellend.…

Twitter for iPad : Seriously...every day Liberal Democrats are battering me with leaflets. I wouldnt mind, but the candidate isnt even from Greater Manchester, claimed expenses for 4 beds from a 1 bed flat, voted to keep expenses a secret and has been in 4 parties in the last 2 years! #AltrinchamSaleWest

Twitter for iPad : Johnson lies and lies and lies and he wont be constrained by:
✖ Parliament, he shut it down
✖ The Media, he threatens it
✖ Judges, he wants to curtail their powers
✖ Human Rights norms, he wants to change them
✖ His own MPs, he removed the whip
A dangerous autocrat.

TweetDeck : I dont think Corbyns amazing but hes not a complete a**ehole... how a previously unpredictable Manchester seat looks as though it could now be a Labour stronghold…

iPhone : British diplomat in Washington resigns saying she is dismayed at half-truths being told over Brexit, CNN reports -…

iPhone : On #SmallBizSatUK here’s what a Labour government will do for small businesses and high streets. 🌹…

iPhone : Ambitious for our country.


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iPhone : Ambitious for our country.


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iPhone : Boris Johnson is a liar.

#BBCDebate #ProvenLiar #BBCLeadersDebate

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iPhone : A week ago today two families were thrown into an abyss of unimaginable sorrow. Two beautiful young people lost their lives. It was a senseless murder of two outstanding individuals. Thinking about the two families every single day. My heart goes out to you. 🥀

iPhone : Give someone a book this Christmas and theyll be getting a lot more!

Reading for even 10 minutes a day can improve your mental wellbeing and help you sleep better. What better present could you give someone than that?

Find out more:

#ReadMCR #Take10

Android : My neighbour has outdone himself this year #Christmas

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iPhone : Why is Chief Con Andy Cooke at risk of being arrested in Liverpool One?? Find out below📽 ⬇️⬇️ #CapitalReports Merseyside Police

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Android : Corbyn: if every single bit of our manifesto was carried out tomorrow, we would just about reach the level of public spending of France and Germany. That is how far backwards we have gone #BBCDebate

Orlo : A reprehensible trader in North Manchester has been convicted for his role in the sale of fake Remembrance poppies.

Councillor Councillor Rabnawaz Akbar hopes a £13,000 fine and suspended prison sentence sends a clear message this will not be tolerated in our city.

SumAll : My week on Twitter 🎉: 34 Mentions, 2.65K Mention Reach, 64 Likes, 2 Retweets, 7.25K Retweet Reach. See yours with…

Twitter for iPad : .Jeremy Corbyn is not a brilliant leader, hes not a great political performer

But when it comes to helping people and making this country a more decent place, there was only going to be one winner tonight

My snap verdict on the #BBCLeadersDebate…

iPhone : Boris Johnson’s decision to hide from Andrew Neil is clearly getting to him. Shouting at journalists and comparing Andrew Neil to Lord Buckethead is not a good look. He should do the right thing, and do the interview. #GeneralElection2019

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iPhone : THIS - please, if a journalist stops you and asks to pose for a pic, say yes - we promise it’s harder work for us than you 📸…

Twitter Web App : M62 drivers facing 90 minute traffic delays and seven mile tailbacks after multi-vehicle crash…

iPhone : Former Tory leader John Major is telling people not to vote Tory

Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson is telling people to vote Tory

Just let that sink in

iPhone : Surprise surprise - Manchester city centre in meltdown because of a football match, Xmas markets, weather i.e normal events. Chapel St at the centre of the chaos again. We must do better than this.…

iPhone : People say that politics doesn’t change anything. But it can.

It was a radical Labour government that created our NHS and rebuilt Britain.

Today, we must be ambitious on the same scale.

#bbcleadersdebate #bbcdebate

Android : Very late opening my advent calendar. But todays tea is organic green tea with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg and pepper. ☃️ 🎄 ☃️

iPhone : I surprisingly received a letter from our Tory MP for the last decade Paul Maynard and was then told about his FB post complaining he hadn’t received my reply a few days later. Here is my reply Mr Maynard 👇#Chris4BNC #GE2019 #RealChange

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TweetDeck : Boris Johnson has been caught out lying (again) about the damaging impact of his Brexit deal.
Johnson has repeatedly said that his deal would mean there are no customs checks between NI and GB, that the UK is kept together as we exit the EU and that it would be good for jobs.

Twitter for iPad : At our December shows, were going to be taking in donations for local #homeless charity Coffee4Craig

The winter is a tough time of year and, while #Manchester has a lot of local initiatives, they need all the help they can get.

Wed like to help.…

Android : Andrew Dymock, of Weymouth Street, was arrested on Wednesday following an investigation by counter-terror police into suspected right-wing terrorism.…

Android : Boris Johnson is a nasty piece of work.

#BBCDebate #ProvenLiar #BBCLeadersDebate

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iPhone : BREAKING: Weve fact-checked the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrat plans for education.🔍

Heres the impact of their manifestos on school funding for every child.

See the numbers for your school at 👉

#GE19 #VoteEducation #SchoolCuts

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iPhone : We are so excited about singing at this event tonight. It’s going to be so festive. A fabulous charity, which we are honoured to support. If you are in the city tonight, come and join us for festive fun 🎅🏽🎄🎼 Manchester Carols for Christmas - RMHC…

LOVES- The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower share a bit of knowledge and it becomes anothers smile at someone and recieve a smile back .

Twuffer : The stunning graphics used for our AURORA print - check out the sweatshirt here:… #tshirts #mensclothing #Mensfashion #menswear #mensstyle #urban #streetwear #StreetStyle #fashion #fashionista #fashionblogger #Fashionable #fashionaddict

Twittascope : Ecological considerations echo more than just a concern about ... More for Capricorn

Android : I am a Conservative proud Brit
I never thought there would come a time I would say this -

Our Conservative PM is LYING
Blatantly so

There WILL be a border down the Irish Sea There WILL be extra checks (customs & otherwise)
This WILL weaken the integrity of the UK

Hes lying…

Twitter Web App : Dont even know where this is but its fantastic. 😂

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