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iPhone : In the Clinton impeachment process, 66 witnesses were allowed to testify including 3 in the Senate trial, and 90,000 pages of documents were turned over.

Trump was too afraid to let any of his top aides testify & covered up every single document. The Senate must #EndTheCoverUp…

iPhone : There are so many great things to see right now but if you haven’t caught Uncut Gems GET OUT AND SEE IT, it’s an experience like nothing else and Sandler gives a stone cold iconic performance. Its one of those where years from now you’ll be bragging “I saw it when it came out.”

iPhone : complaining about the oscar nominations is a grand tradition as old and fun as watching the oscars themselves! i love it. 😁 they absolutely fucked it up. 🥰 can’t wait to watch ☺️ i’m gonna be so fuckin mad 😊

iPhone : We are excited to announce we are partnering with Adrienne Hedger, the award winning cartoonist behind the popular "Hedger Humor" Hedger Humor. She will regularly use her animation skills to help us tell the stories of the children we serve. Stay tuned!

iPhone : Yes! Your nom is so well deserved! Rooting for you all the way / Fuck 'em. You were robbed! What do awards mean anyway? Did Hitchcock get an Oscar? Sure okay he got a special one. But did Heat get a BP nom? No, it didn't. Did King Kong (1933)? No! Evil Dead 2? No! I rest my case.

iPhone : I don’t want to sound like Alex Jones here but is this some sort of secret communication? Racking my brain to make any sort of sense of this. It nearly hit 70 degrees in DC today.…

iPhone : I know I know there’s nowhere lower to go anymore but saying it’s snowing when it’s not feels different (?)…