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Bio In case work are monitoring this again, Im here in an entirely personal capacity.
Anarcho-socialist shitposter. Liberal Democrats are scabs.

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Android : They're just saying stuff to boil Tory piss now... and I'm 100% into it.…

Android : “as per my previous email”
- weirdly formal
- passive aggressive
- might not get a reply

“if you’d used your fuckin eyes, Geoff”
- shows a passion for biology
- informal, first name terms
- even better if their name isn’t Geoff

Android : Mr Demos of Pnyx USA 2000-2008: "even if you don't agree with the president it's your patriotic duty to support him"
USA 2009-2016: "a true patriot must resist tyranny even if it means disobeying the president"

Android : Boris Johnson literally going the wrong way down a one way street. 👀

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Android : There are so many times the BBC have been in breach of being impartial. There are various academic studies showing partisan reporting & coverage. Yet the only time they investigate breach of impartiality is when a woman of colour presenter calls Trump’s “go home” comments racist.

Android : The airhead's aristo's column is merely predictable and boring; the inevitable procession of Mark from Peep Show men rubbing their trouser legs in the replies is properly horrible.…

Android : Everyone looking forward to another day of the most entitled people on earth, who preach personal responsibility as a solution to every social ill, steadfastly refuse to take any personal responsibility?