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Android : Dan Need to remember lockdown only 16/17 days ago 2 - 14 days to show symptoms. The number is below the projection made. The number of total daily deaths in the UK only past the annual average in the last few days too.

Android : Chris 🙈🙉🙊 Only in the last few days has the amount of total deaths on a day exceeded the normal daily amount of people of dying. On average is around550k people die in one year in the UK.Which by day is around 1506 per day if divided by 365. But will change by season if looked at properly

Android : EB Charlie Webster Neil Watson Her books are so good! I always found first 50 pages setting the scene etc were a bit slow but after that, they're pretty hard to put down. I've never really looked at audiobooks like that - it's probably because I'm a man and we're a bit rubbish at Multi Tasking. 🤣

Android : Charlie Webster EB Neil Watson I can honestly say it does help. I needed to make changes in my life a few years back. Until I admitted to myself what I needed to change I kept making bad decisions/choices. Once I did I was able to make the changes & in turn I began to become happier.

Android : Fruno Bernandes MMA GEEK Adam MATIC!🔰 The stats of people coming out of ICU with the virus aren't great. Plus we're going to be told he's better than he probably is. When he was taking in yesterday the tests thing was a line. Statements like he's receiving excellent care are nice but obvious & soften the news.