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iPhone : Oliver Murray States should borrow enough now to kickstart 10 years of wartime-level investment in green energy and transport. The pile of debt will be higher but the economy will grow massively. The people alive on a planet only 1.5 degrees warmer in 60 yrs time will thank us for it.

iPhone : All over the world central banks are saying to govts - borrow and spend because we cant do much more. Meanwhile journalists repeat the dumb questions of yesteryear, urging us to pay down debt and balance the books...

iPhone : .@Joswinson your most honest bar chart yet… #cantwinhere

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iPhone : There is a golden opportunity awaiting the anchors of the BBC/ITV head-to-head Johnson v Corbyn clashes. To cut short rhetoric and forensically question them on facts and evidence, giving them the chance to consult notes and even aides. Will a public broadcaster ever do this?

Twitter for iPad : A short summary of Jack Shenker deep dive into Corbynism might be: a liberation theology for a party that doesn’t want to be liberated...…

Twitter for iPad : “Corbynism is not a cult, nor a fad, nor an irrelevant holdover from a bygone age. Its meaning runs much deeper, and represents a once in a generation resetting of the terms of political trade” - my piece for Prospect Magazine on the left’s moment of reckoning…

iPhone : Labours campaign is driven by hope and the determination to deliver real change. Lets go out there and win it.

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iPhone : The big choices coming on tax and spend... a quick explainer - its all about the climate crisis

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iPhone : Labour's fiscal policy is now heavily focused around the climate emergency. This election is now about people and planet and there's a very clear choice...…

iPhone : We need acts of imagination to move beyond carbon and capitalism... here's Manchester reimagined ... me essay for IPS Journal…

iPhone : When you hear mainstream economists quibble about borrowing to spend $$$s on decarbonising the world, think of this...…

iPhone : It’s always easy when the Tories don’t do the editing.

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iPhone : Like Bernie Sanders #IKnowWhereICameFrom - Warsaw via NYC via Liverpool to a coal mining town in Lancashire - Dovid Loeb Wilchinsky, Annie Shock, Aaron Lewis, Mum... tailors, jazz musician, teacher everything they had, they had to fight for - and they fought: above al, fascism!