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iPhone : At least Steve Howell has the decency to speak on the record here but hes mistaken. With HNH/TSSA I argued we could *not* win election with Remain votes only... and to avoid an election framed around Brexit: the Second Ref was also aimed at Leave voters - nobody listened. 👇🏽

Twitter Web App : I'm sorry Jess Phillips MP is out of the Labour leadership race. She represents a small but tenacious constituency in the party who could easily have quit during the TIG debacle and who I hope stay with us. Now it's down to various strands of the social-democratic left

iPhone : #Davos2020

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iPhone : Entre el reportaje periodístico, el ensayo, la crítica cultural y la historia social, #PorUnFuturoBrillante de Paul Mason se presenta como una defensa radical y apasionada del ser humano, en estos tiempos que vivimos de distopía política.

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Twitter Media Studio : Why did Corbynism fail? In Part 2 of Clear Bright Future 2020, I discuss how nativism took hold in some communities and why Labours economic offer could not dislodge it... Paperback edition out on 6 Feb 2020

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iPhone : The policy of Sanders campaign, much like the Poor Peoples Campaign of Dr. King, or Eugene Debs campaign 100 years ago before him, it is aligned for all people. –Killer Mike

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Twitter Web App : Tory MPs started heckling me when I did this.

I've got bad news for them: I'm going to keep fighting for my constituents, my generation, and my class.…

Twitter Web App : Daniel Gerke But "alliance of the centre and the left" means much more than that: it means potential voting pacts with all non-Tory parties to prevent Britain's descent into a managed democracy, and to enforce radical climate action from below... a modern Popular Front.

Twitter Web App : Daniel Gerke And I do not think RLB's team has broken enough from the people who oversaw this catastrophe to be able to win. We can't run the party from the left given the severe differences within the left. We need a radical left social-democratic leader, and Keir and Emily both fit the bill

Twitter Web App : Daniel Gerke Thanks for that - here's my answers. Like EP Thompson I think Stalinism and democratic socialism are incompatible; I don't think Starmer as as left as I am, and I prefer Clive Lewis' political philosophy; but I also want someone who can win ...

Twitter Media Studio : What went wrong on 12 December? To mark the paperback release of #ClearBrightFuture on 6 Feb, heres the first of a 220 video series about the ideas of the book, and their relevance to the struggle ahead... pls RT.

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