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TweetDeck : After 3 days at sea, we were sick with worry. I told Bassem that well never reach the shore. Just 16 hours from Italy we passed a smaller boat. The men on the boat shouted at us and threw sticks, telling us to get on their boat. Terrified, we refused (1/2) #DoaaAndBassem

iPhone : Lest we forget. #OnThisDay in 1940, Lambeths worst WW2 civilian incident occurred when a shallow air raid trench shelter in Kennington Park took a direct hit. The casualties are commemorated on a memorial in the park. More detail on our website:…

iPhone : Otherwise DUP unable to stop a future drift towards Dublin/EU econ model & closer to united Ireland, esp if GB diverges from EU. Dilemma for Boris Johnson: if DUP does not cave in, does he risk Commons vote Sat & possible defeat? 2/2

Android : La milicia opositora siria respaldada por Turquía transmite un video de detenidos del este del Éufrates que habían sido arrestados al mismo tiempo que otros en la carretera internacional M4. La milicia es totalmente responsable de la vida y la seguridad de estos detenidos.…

Android : ATENCIÓ: fes arribar aquest fil a tothom abans de dilluns: quan tot comença!

Des de mitjans del s.XX la #noviolència ha esdevingut una poderosa eina en mans de la població per aconseguir profundes transformacions socials.

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SocialFlow : Rosine Mbakam documentaries reveal her to be one of the foremost filmmakers of creative nonfiction working right now.

iPhone : Addressing the Bundestag ahead of todays #EUCO, Merkel acknowledges progress on Brexit but says we have not yet reached our goal in talks. Says there have been many false dawns over past months. In everyones interests to get a deal, she says.

iPhone : Positive meeting with the NUM, pension trustees & shadow chancellor John McDonnell MP about what Labour can do to reform the mineworkers pension surplus sharing arrangement & get a fairer deal to support retired miners & their families.

Android : “The schools with the most disadvantaged pupils are already those least likely to have been able to maintain a library. Yet the government has deliberately diverted the limited funding that it has promised away from those schools. - Angela Rayner 🌈…

Android : Arrests being made of peaceful protestors right now in London, are a symbol of the desperation of a dying economic system, a capitalist model that has run its course. We all have the power to make a new world possible. Solidarity to those people. #systemchange not #climatechange

Twitter Web App : The truth about John McDonnell.

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Twitter Web App : Today I handover to Lt Col Mark Shercliff after 2 years and 7 months as CO of 1 RIFLES. It has been a great honour and privilege to command such an outstanding team of thinking Riflemen. #ChosenMen #SwiftandBold