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ID 950531 : Something in the Butina court filing jumped out and me and made me look at the Russia investigation from the other side of the equation.

TweetDeck : How a jury views the evidence is one thing, but Hasen's point about Trump's needing to know he was violating the law is fair. Talked a bit about that this morning.…

TweetDeck : Updated my assessment of Trump's defense against these charges with this new report.

TweetDeck : In that interview, Trump also casually implies that Cohen's father and wife engaged in criminal activity which seems like it might bite him later.

TweetDeck : In this Fox News interview, Trump keeps saying the campaign-finance charges against Cohen were added just to embarrass him; that they weren't crimes.

But, again: Why then did the National Enquirer publisher cop to guilt, too?…

TweetDeck : Young Isaac Reign My response will be: Read the piece.

Then they will read it and pretend they already had, replying something like: I did, I'm just objecting to [thing from about 2/3 of the way down, to show that they really read deep into it]. : Why, for right now at least, the Russia probe is Trump's salvation.