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Twitter for iPad : Zero houses. Zero out of 200,000. Even Fyre Festival managed to get those little hurricane tents.…

Twitter for iPad : Few things shock me about the Tory party. Jacob Rees Mogg’s comments earlier were shocking. But this is something else, as Tory MP Andrew Bridgen doubles down on the idea that Rees Mogg would have survived the Grenfell fire because he’s ‘clever’:

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Twitter for iPad : So, Saracens have been fined £5,320,272 and 31 pence. That's more than the Dragons' entire playing budget!

Twitter for iPad : Both Nick Gibb and Lord Agnew criticised our journalism after we revealed how they were telling schools to cut costs... Our investigation has just been shortlisted for a national award. 🤷…

Twitter for iPad : Breaking News: The U.S. ambassador Gordon Sondland, a key witness in the impeachment inquiry, acknowledged delivering a quid pro quo message to Ukraine in a major revision to his impeachment testimony

Twitter for iPad : For over a year, I resisted calls for an impeachment inquiry, knowing it is a remedy with serious consequences for the country.

But the evidence we've uncovered of the president's abuse of power has made that inquiry a necessity.

We will do our duty.…

Twitter for iPad : Apr '18: Ross England collapses rape trial

Dec '18: RE chosen as Tory Assembly candidate

Last week's statement: Cairns "completely unaware of the details" of the trial details "until they became public this week"

NEW TODAY, August '18: Cairns emailed about collapsed rape trial…

Twitter for iPad : Tories unrepentant over misleadingly edited Keir Starmer TV footage…

Twitter for iPad : The Prime Minister wanted the Withdrawal Agreement - the most important piece of legislation in a generation - discussed, debated and passed in, what, three days? But six weeks isn’t enough time to release this report?… #GE2019

Twitter for iPad : In 2015, the Conservatives' flagship housing policy was 200,000 cut-price homes for first-time buyers.

Now the Government's own watchdog confirms NONE have been built, even though £174m has been spent.

You can't trust a word the Conservatives say.…

Android : Boom! Sondland now recalls tellin' a rankin' Zelensky aide that no military aid would flow without a investigation into the Bidens.

This destroys the GOP defense that Ukraine wasn't aware of Trump's extortion.

Android : #WhatIsBorisJohnsonHiding

The links between:

Steve Bannon

Robert Mercer

Vote Leave

Leave EU

Dominic Cummings


Hard right and far-right media

Donald Trump



The war on liberalism

Will be clear to even the most ostrich-like people

Android : Our EU contact has come forward on behalf of unnamed EU officials, to say The Labour Party position of being able to renegotiate a deal based on a customs union compliance is correct. Talks with the UK's official opposition has taken place alongside UK government talks all along.

Android : I wrote to the PM yesterday to tell him I felt unable to be a Conservative Candidate. I have considered very carefully what is best to do and will stand as an Independent Candidate at the next General Election. #AnnesStillStanding

Android : Q: When [Trump] told you to discuss with Giuliani concerns about Ukraine, did you know at that point what he was referring to?

SONDLAND: He didn't even—he wasn’t even specific about what he wanted us to talk to Giuliani about. He just kept saying: Talk to Rudy, talk to Rudy.