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iPhone : “I talked to a very well-connected Republican in [DC] this week, somebody whose name you would know well, who says that if the House votes to impeach ...there is now a 20% chance enough Republicans will vote with the Democrats to remove the president.”…

iPhone : A million Uighurs are jailed in a network of China's concentration camps. Here's a remarkable and shocking first hand account of what really goes on inside from someone who escaped. After the holocaust we said ‘never again’. Well now it’s happening again…

iPhone : I know I am not going to sleep a wink tonight. Barely slept last night. This election is monumental. If we fall down this rabbit hole of conservatism and hatred that Scheer is championing we will be lost. The environment will be lost. #TeamTrudeau

iPhone : President Trump says he defeated ISIS, totally, but guess what, the new mission for US troops in Syria is to go Iraq to, wait for it, fight ISIS. So, maybe someone convinced the commander in chief that ISIS is not as utterly defeated as he claims.

iPhone : Gen. McCaffrey on Trump’s claim the Kurds are happy: ‘It’s simply absurd, it’s cruel, it makes him look stupid’… via @msnbc

iPhone : Catherine Rampell Trump told the Farmers so many untruths . The Trump Rally in ND/SD would not allow the media inside - we now know why- so they wouldn’t be called out when the promises weren’t kept.

iPhone : The only promises he keeps are to Vladimir Putin.…

iPhone : A thread of actual Yelp reviews for the Doral:

"Check in took about 10 minutes. The desk was arguing with a unhappy customer. Our room had stains on a couple towels and the tub didn’t drain well. When taking a shower we had to stand in a inch of water. Noisy room also."

iPhone : Make no mistake. Trump’s 2020 campaign is better funded, better managed, and far scarier than his 2016 campaign was.

Disinformation, distraction and division will be his weapons. It will take all of us to rise up to defeat him. No sitting this one out, not anyone, not anywhere.

iPhone : Canada, USA is watchin you 👀 don't be stupid look what stupid ppl gav America, a corrupt ignorant lying racist son of a b***h 🙄 don't b america

iPhone : Four fat criminals standing in a row Three had reputations, but not any more. One was religious; women filled him with dread, Two had careers now officially dead. And the last, AN UNSPEAKABLE IDIOT AND ASSHOLE! POTUS! #IMPEACH…

iPhone : Everyone knew that when Trump said, "we're bringing our soldiers home", that was a lie, right?

We're moving soldiers from where they were fighting with our allies, the Kurds, in NE Syria to Western Iraq, according to Mark Esper

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