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iPhone : joe jitsukawa Amber J. Liu 刘逸云 Are you actually serious fuck you and amber liu her ass is not black so why in the world she talking about police brutality in the first place when she don’t how it feels to be looked down upon everytime you leave the house when it happens you then you see how it feels

iPhone : Honestly fuck amber Liu I cant believe she had the NERVE to say that the man deserved to be arrested for eating a damn sandwich like stay in your place because if your not black just don’t say anything gosh she a dumb ass how

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iPhone : Since this wasn’t appreciated on insta and I doubt it blows up on here but ummm I did this sooooo

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iPhone : How ARMYs think Jungkook is living vs how Jungkook actually lives like

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iPhone : “Mom can I go see BTS”

“We have BTS at home”

BTS at home:

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