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Twitter for iPad : ahaha who else sick and tired of this dumb as fuck mononormative minder people don’t even make the effort to get rid of

Android : Dogs, bruh...💪😍😏😇😉

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iPhone : woman look 100% more attractive in football jerseys and you cant change my mind twitter.com/WomenIMGs/stat…

iPhone : a thread of all the overused Instagram captions and a $ for any girl who hasnt used even a single one of these:

iPhone : I get bothered when I’m around people for an extended amount of time. I require alone time to function and keep my mood in check

#IStandWithKashmir #KashmirBleeds

Android : a part of me wants to study as hard as i can for these exams and the other part wants to leave everything rn and go live in a small house in a farm away from this world

Twitter Web App : I cant stop crying. This cant be happening. I had more 350$ donations. They ended the fundraiser before contacting me. Now I have 0 donations. They sent back the money. I cant believe this is happening. Please retweet or donate. Please. twitter.com/jiminfakeluv/s…

iPhone : ok i wasnt gonna post this over here but then i remembered i tweeted abt red lehenga a few weeks ago so ya this is the red lehenga hhh

Android : This made my day

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Android : The new prey may still be a homophobic dudebro who thinks gays = animal rape and that chakka is a very funny joke and that all designers have had their penises chopped.

Irresponsible content has repercussions. Especially when thats your bread and butter. Learn the lesson plz. twitter.com/Mooroo4/status…

Android : If you call someone photogenic, does that mean you mean to say ke they’re pretty on camera but ugly irl?? Or do you just mean to tell them their face responds well to the camera?

Android : literally need to find a sense of fashion and stop wearing the same thing over and over again but will i??? ahaha

Android : I saw this on the walk home today. For those of you dont know what those bikes are. Its Torontos bikeshare system. He seems to be doing cardio by riding a stationary bikeshare bike.

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Twitter Web App : زین WHEN HE KEPT SHOWING THE OTHER KOCH BROTHERS. please,,, my lungs,,,, hes too much i love him

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Android : dont think i tweeted the masterpiece that was the sky yesterday evening so please, enjoy these. absolutely no filter, gods jus out here wildin

Twitter Web App : I thought your brother married your bands bassist Waleed and went wah love wins twitter.com/itsthepianoguy…

iPhone : Do you think your kidnapper is not going to notice you doing Tour de France in the backseat? twitter.com/stevstiffler/s…

Android : 10 volume set by Jane Austen, published 1906. Brown cloth with paper spine labels. The Old Manor House Edition limited to 1000, this is number 801. These are very rare and antique books. 113 years old.
DM or WhatsApp for orders and inquiries about the set.
#RareBooks #Antique

Twitter Web App : Melayu went to space, became the oldest Prime Minister, worked with NASa, founded treatments for diseases, and we attracted the most FDI for an Asean nation in 2014. So if u r dumb, thats on you twitter.com/aymeemin/statu…

Twitter Web App : You gon see a commercial in 20 years saying, “if you ate a Popeyes sandwich in 2019 you are at risk...” 😂😂

Twitter Web App : جب کوئ ایکٹریس تصاویر لگاتی ہیں تو کون ہے شریف المثل جو آنکھیں بند کر لیتا اور نہیں دیکھتا؟
جو سب سے زیادہ تنقید کر رہے انکی زندگی ظاہر ہو جاے تو یہ تصاویر بھی پھیکی پڑھ جائیں کونسی تصویر آگئ جو پہلے کبھی نہیں آئ پاکستان میں؟
دنیا میں کیا باتیں ہو رہی اور پاکستانی؟
Saba Qamar

Android : حق و باطل کے معرکہ میں غیر جانبداری کوئی معنیٰ نہیں رکھتی
خواہ “بُش” کے ساتھی ہو جاؤ فرعون و کفّار کے ساتھی بن جاؤ لیکن “نیوٹرالٹی” سے بچو

جنرل حمید گل (مرحوم) کا موقف

حصّہ اوّل

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iPhone : اگر عورت اپنی زبان کو کنٹرول میں رکھے تو طلاقیں نہیں بڑھیں گی ،یہ چیزیں بڑھتی ہی تب ہیں جب عورت منہ زور ہو جاتی ہے ۔۔ لائیو شو میں مسز خان کی باتوں نے سوشل میڈیا پر طوفان کھڑا کر دیا