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iPhone : Every single one of us in journalism was aware Johnson wasn’t a fit and proper person to be prime minister. He worked in our trade and we’d got to know him only too well. And yet too many of us wrote this sort of crap because it was what our non-dom owners wanted.

iPhone : Arthur Snell All the evidence so far (see Cummings’ favourite thinker Richard Epstein) points to ‘herd immunity’ coming out of their ‘evolutionary economics’. Meanwhile I take offence at the accusation I was deliberately trying to cause panic. You have not retracted that and it remains

iPhone : Arthur Snell You introduced the word genocidal. It only appeared in your tweets. Days later I cite the Sunday Time and its reference to letting old people die - does smack of that. Meanwhile no apology for accusing me of deliberately causing panic. Churlish and offensive

iPhone : Arthur Snell “Designed to cause panic” is incredibly offensive accusation of bad faith, and much more hyperbolical than what I accused Cummings of - which was some poorly grasped neo Darwinian concepts which, no doubt, he actually believes

iPhone : Arthur Snell You replied “Seriously, this is an incredibly irresponsible tweet. Bringing eugenics into it can only be designed to spread panic.” I’m proud of Byline Times reporting on the herd immunity fallacy. It wasn’t “designed to cause panic” but hold govt to account

iPhone : Arthur Snell You introduced the word. I wrote “The modelling is likely being done by the private Nudge Unit set up by David Cameron, and being assessed by Dominic Cummings who has expressed an interest in Eugenics and neo-Darwinian determinism. Be worried.”

iPhone : The SARS Coronavirus outbreak in 2003 is still the closest parallel we have to SARS-CoV2. No vaccine was ever found or ‘herd immunity’ ventured or approached and it was wiped out through tracing, containment and quarantine…

iPhone : The difference is that South Korea, having experienced SARS and knowing immediately the danger at hand, tested fast. Then they traced contacts and tested them fast. That's what stopped the massive spread through the population that the UK now has.…

iPhone : These are not normal times so we shouldn’t have normal expectations. Whether it’s working from home or homeschooling or whatever, let’s not beat ourselves up. Allow ourselves to exist rather than achieve.

iPhone : The handling of the COVID-19 crisis in the UK is the most serious science policy failure in a generation. Last week, the Deputy CMO said, “there comes a point in a pandemic where that [testing] is not an appropriate intervention.” Now a priority. Public message: utter confusion.

iPhone : This is quite a striking stat from the Dept of Health - 42% of doctors are BAME vs 14% of the population…

iPhone : Somebody decided to invite Dr. Rishi Desai onto Fox.

I don’t think they’ll be asking him back.

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iPhone : It was just a short while ago that France banned the Islamic veil--a thinly disguised Islamophobic move. But suddenly European are looking at face masks very differently. #DoubleStandard

iPhone : Arthur Snell ‘Good breeding’ and a sense populations need ‘culling’ go hand in hand. Cummings has openly talked about education being secondary to inherited intelligence. Here he is talking about dispensing with the old and unproductive. Genocidal and eugenicist

iPhone : 1) There were 563 cases” yesterday

No. There were 563 deaths

2) “We’ve shipped in the last couple of weeks 397 million separate pieces of PPE”


3) “as I’ve said for weeks & weeks testing is the way through”

Govt “pivoted away” from #coronavirus testing on 12 March.