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TweetDeck : Zack Stentz Jesse Singal I am mostly not kidding when I say that the Contintental's rules provide us with a useful model of consequential house rules that...could actually help people understand both impeachment (generally) and the importance of institutional rule-setting in the Senate.

TweetDeck : And then: Once you have a bunch of rum, and have mastered a couple tiki drinks, try making classic boozy cocktails - but with rum.

A dark rum Manhattan, a dark rum Old Fashioned.

A light rum Last Word.

A classic daiquiri.

TweetDeck : Finally: You are going to have to buy some orange liqueur. This is a bit of a personal question.

Do you like it rich and heavy? Try Grand Marnier. Dry and fruity? Try Pierre Ferrand. Nicely balanced? Try Cointreau.

I'm a Marnier guy, if I have to choose. But they're all good.

TweetDeck : Fee Bros makes great orgeat.

But! You can also make orgeat with avocado pits. Holy crap. Folks, this is so good I don't even know what to tell you.…

TweetDeck : Matt Robold I keep Clement on my shelf all the time. Great stuff.

If I were recommending six bottles, that would probably be my next (or maybe Cana Brava, for a funky light rum).

But I could semi-hack most any agricole recipe from this list. Definitely not as good. But that's rum.

Twitter Web App : Orgeat is sugar syrup...with almonds.

You can buy it online. It's perfectly good. But if you love tiki, you should make your own, at least once.

Twitter Web App : You juice a pineapple by cutting off the hard edges, sticking the insides in a blender, and then extracting the juice through a chinois.

It leaves a thick, fragrant, heavy, juice that is just radically different in texture from any other ingredient you'll work with.