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Twitter Web App : Hard to think of another movie that's made me more anxious than CONTAGION. It's a sharply observed, exceptionally well-paced medical thriller, and I very nearly couldn't finish it.…

Twitter Web App : "The risk is huge that today’s emergency measures will harden into tomorrow’s institutionalized rules: enduring barriers to travel, trade, and investment."…

TweetDeck : The last paragraph resonates far too closely for comfort. I would not like me when I'm angry!…

TweetDeck : (Stephanie) Slade Slade's Daiquiri is just the Alex Day daiquiri, but with green Chartreuse in place of the Rhum Agricole, and a couple drops of saline (always put salt in your daiquiris). You get an herbal kick instead of agricole funk.…

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TweetDeck : Seems like lots of people still aren't totally aware of the sizable UI boost in the Senate bill.

For folks who lose their jobs or are furloughed, it will provide a much bigger benefit than the one-time cash payment, at least for the next several months.…

Twitter Web App : Know it's hard to follow, but $1200 checks are not the main response in Congress to these horrific job numbers. Those out of work will be eligible for much larger unemployment benefits and can qualify more easily. Businesses are getting loans and grants to prevent more layoffs.

TweetDeck : New post: "Massive $2 trillion coronavirus bill equivalent to about 7 months of 'Medicare for all' spending"…

TweetDeck : A week ago, New York state had 87 detected coronavirus cases per 1m citizens

Here's where a lot of Southern states are *today*... the number of *detected* cases.

LA: 298 per 1m
MS: 107 per 1m
TN: 98 per 1m
GA: 98 per 1m
AR: 72 per 1m
FL: 66 per 1m
SC: 59 per 1m
AL: 44 per 1m