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iPhone : In contrast, No 10 sounded up for an election, briefing that it seemed the only way to get a Brexit deal through a parliament intent on endless delay.

iPhone : Hmmmm. Labour very much *not* 100% committed to definite, immediate election if 31 Jan Brexit extension sealed. Corbyn spokesman says party would need to see details to ensure no deal could not happen - but won’t specify what safeguards are needed.

TweetDeck : It's not that we've lost a golden age of #PMQs - Theresa May was generally evasive and vague, and we usually learned nothing. But what strikes me as different is the lack of any shame or discomfort at saying things which are simply not true, and which people know are not true.

TweetDeck : Overall #PMQs with Boris Johnson as PM is different even from the May's era. He usually refuses to answer or engage with questions, & says things which are provably false. It's a post-truth PMQs. I assume many of the Tory MPs yelling, "More!" realise this, but can live with it.

TweetDeck : Johnson says of his Bexit deal: “We got it through parliament last night.”

That's just not true. The second reading is only a *stage* of the passage of a bill.

TweetDeck : AT #PMQs Boris Johnson talks about "those 40 new hospitals" that were "paid for by the NHS" as if they had already existed and were operational. It's not 40. They're not new. It's not happened.

iPhone : Good job those supposed plans for a new law criminalising MPs liaising with foreign governments were entirely made up.…

iPhone : Sturgeon, answering another question, says that while Johnson “is a prime minister not to be trusted”, if an extension is “nailed down” she would support a general election.

iPhone : Nicola Sturgeon, answering questions, refuses to say yet if or when SNP MPs will vote for a general election. But says she finds it hard to see a route to a second referendum except via a general election first.

iPhone : Mark Drakeford notes that Welsh ports and businesses will be “at the front line” of a new customs border with Northern Ireland, and that increased regulations will hamper this. It was “a huge breach of trust” by Johnson, he says.

iPhone : Both Sturgeon and Drakeford note that the UK govt asked Scottish and Welsh devolved assemblies for consent on the Brexit deal - and that both are withholding this. This remains a difficult narrative for Boris Johnson given his talk about Brexit benefitting the union.

iPhone : I’m at a double-first-minister press conference in Westminster with Nicola Sturgeon and Mark Drakeford. Sturgeon says Johnson’s deal is not the solution even if passed, and she wants an extension long enough for an election.

TweetDeck : These are the 19 Labour MPs who supported Boris Johnsons Brexit deal bill. They argue that constituents mainly want them to help get the process completed. Critics argue the deal is likely to damage the prospects of constituents.