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Bio One day youre the cock of the walk, the next a feather duster’ - Margot Barber.
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iPhone : Important to have perspective too:
“Pressure? There is no pressure in Test cricket. Real pressure is when you are flying a Mosquito with a Messerschmitt up your arse.” - Keith Miller, cricket legend & Royal Australian Air Force pilot in WW2. twitter.com/mariomelchiot/…

iPhone : Oh pur-lease. You had plenty of time, you just didn’t - like most of your Extinction colleagues - have any answers! twitter.com/ziontree/statu…

iPhone : Hi Jamie, it’s not bullying to ask a perfectly reasonable question of somebody whose protests are currently paralysing London. It’s called journalism. Your ‘victim’ could have ended this by answering it the first time, but chose not to. We all know why... #hypocrisy twitter.com/fabjamiefab/st…

iPhone : Meanwhile, more kids are being stabbed to death on the streets of London while these spaced-out morons are consuming police time. Disgusting. twitter.com/toiletseatbeck…

iPhone : Still chuckling about this.
Can you imagine if they put 5 men on the cover under the headline ‘Britain’s busiest broadcasters’? There would be feminist outage - rightly. twitter.com/radiotimes/sta…

iPhone : Oh no, that’s awful.
Perhaps Aunty shouldn’t have mentioned him on Twitter as she called high profile people ‘twats’? twitter.com/lecv/status/11…

TweetDeck : Of course! It's the snowflake journalist playbook:
1) Abuse Piers for clicks.
2) He responds non-abusively.
3) Others respond.
4) Play the horrified victim.
5) Count the new sympathy followers... twitter.com/WillFaine/stat…