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Bio Sunrise or sunset in America? “Any fool can tell a crisis when it arrives. The real service to the state is to detect it in embryo.” Isaac Asimov. Foundation
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iPhone : Stonekettle Tulsi Gabbard needs to lose her congressional re-election in 2020. She’s not a Democrat. She’s selfish. With so much at stake for so many, & no real chance of winning the nomination, the right thing to do is get out of the way. That’s the exact opposite of what she’s doing.


Defense secretary REFUSES TO COOPERATE in impeachment probe after saying he would

Defense Secretary #MarkEsper is retreating from a previous pledge to cooperate




iPhone : NEWS: Rick Perry called Giuliani this spring at Trump’s direction to try to resolve Trump’s concerns about meeting Zelensky Trump said he wasn’t “comfortable” that Ukraine had “straightened up their act” and told Perry: “Visit with Rudy.” w/@timpuko wsj.com/articles/rick-…

iPhone : "He was shaken up by it," Pelosi says on the House's overwhelming vote to condemn WH withdrawal from Syria.

"And that’s why we couldn't continue in the meeting, because he was just not relating to the reality of it."

iPhone : To those of you calling me cruel, I adore my dogs, my cat, my children, my friends, my family
I posted without sound cuz I was self conscious of my high pitched voice telling her no & yelling at my son for letting her on the table.
My other son recorded because she’s funny