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iPhone : Ilhan Omar
You constantly say Do Better, how about you Do Better
Transparency on your part would go a long ways 👇
Your Sibling Marriage
Your Tax Evasion
Your Familys True Background
Your Jew Hate
Your Dealings With CAIR & HAMAS
Your allegiance to USA
Thats truth!
President Trump

iPhone : ”What you are seeing is full-blown professional #Islamist propaganda. These are professional victim-mongering women(Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib)using every tool in the playbook of the MuslimBrotherhood...to appear that they’re under siege” -DrQantaAhmed

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iPhone : Turns out we are on Survitter after all. President Trump 6 of my friends were voted off the island today, for simply loving our country. This Socialist behavior must stop, I am a legal USA citizen who loves our Constitution, Freedom, Flag, & Country. If that's a crime, America is lost... pic.twitter.com/xEPxj27GLf

iPhone : America - ALERT! This outsider can see whats happening inside America to our great @potus Donald J. Trump No time for fun and games, - this guy is SPOT on. Only WE as Patriotic, God loving Americans can save our Nation. RT 100 fold.

iPhone : Tomorrow, 8/20, is Election Day in Alabama.
Vote for Allen Caton D22
Every vote counts, staying home is not an option
#GoRedStateByState #LeadRight twitter.com/unitedvotered/…

iPhone : 8/20 is Election Day in South Carolina
Time to vote for Patrick Haddon D19
Get out and vote, staying home is not an option
#GoRedStateByState #LeadRight twitter.com/unitedvotered/…

iPhone : More proof #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder
Bernie is delusional and fails to realize his #antiAmerican #Marxist ideas align with Commie China more than they will ever align with our #ConstitutionalRepublic twitter.com/berniesanders/…

iPhone : Jeffrey Epstein was a colleague, mentor, and most importantly a friend. His silence will echo around the world and, hopefully, inspire others to stay quiet themselves.

For the only peace in this life is quiet contemplation
- eulogy from Killary Clinton

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