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iPhone : How does MSM ignore things like this? This is not even middle class! It’s less than 15/hr! #Women4Trump2020
Sanders: Families Making $29,000 Will ‘Pay More In Taxes’ For Medicare For All - The Partnership for America’s Health Care Future americashealthcarefuture.org/sanders-famili…

iPhone : Between AOC wanting to give everything away to 7 billion people and Bernie wanting to raise our taxes, WTP will be slaves to the government!
Dont let the #DoNothingDemocrats ruin our beautiful country with socialism!

iPhone : 💥Delegate Nick Freitas for Virginia’s district SPEAKS TRUTH💥

Want to share 90 seconds of PURE unadulterated TRUTH about President Trump & sad state of affairs of Democratic Party?!

👉🏻Here ya go!👈🏻
👉🏻Share the TRUTH!👈🏻

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iPhone : LISTEN-Democrat Rep. #BrendaLawrence backs away from the abjectly PARTISAN #Impeachment HOAX in radio interview:”We’re so close to an election...& knowing how divided this country is I don’t see the value in taking Donald J. Trump out of office”#Trump2020

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iPhone : 🚨 Ilhan Omar Accused Of Being A Paid Agent Of Qatar And Accessing Sensitive Info For Iran: Court Testimony 😯😯😯



iPhone : Just like Benghazi, we need to make sure that this story is never forgotten. We need to make sure that it never gets lost in the bullshit the Democrats and MSM throws at us.

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iPhone : If I found out that my kid's school was advocating for class on how to pleasure themselves, touching genitalia or butthole,

The teacher, principal, school board, & superintendent will see the craziest parent strike down on them likes of which they've never seen.

Don't even try!

iPhone : Follow The United Spot!

Get your Democrat family & friends an Impeach This mug for the holidays.

(Im not making money off this, just sharing because its awesome)


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iPhone : Something to think about🤔

The only reason why the government would want to disarm you after 243 years is because they intend to do something that you would shoot them for


No #GunControlNow

VOTE #Trump2020

iPhone : Elizabeth Fauxcahotas Warren's DNA test results have clearly stated that she's 1/1024 trustworthy.

iPhone : Biden's top Latina adviser quits in frustration with his immigration rhetoric... THAT tells you everything you need to know about Biden Campaign's "Latino Outreach" effort. 🤦‍♀️

iPhone : AIR FORCE VET WHO’S HOMELESS IN DC HAS A HOME IN SC—Can we help him get home? Needs shift differential repaired on his truck. Parts around $420 labor??

Do we have someone in DC area willing to help coordinate a repair? Any mechanics? Let’s get this done.

DM CLWal ⭐⭐⭐ for details

iPhone : Hey Joe, seeing how you were dead broke not that long ago and hearing about all the offshore family activity it makes one wonder who’s hiding what. You got some explainin to do. Dare I say RICO? Offshore accounts, shell company deals? Hmmmm twitter.com/joebiden/statu…