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Twitter Web App : Yk those Pakistani kids who try to act like they’re not Paki, pretend like they can’t speak Urdu proper, hate on the food and hate on the culture are soooooo cringe 🤢🤢

Twitter Web App : Magic Shop (2018)

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Twitter Web App : it’s crazy how much one person can influence you. I’ve started eating healthier, working out daily, doing skin care, hydrating myself more, moisturising myself (I fucking hate lotions) and I’ve started putting in more effort in how I look/dress. New Abeer I guess,, ,, wHACK

Twitter Web App : this episode of oitnb SLAPPED twitter.com/peedekaf/statu…

Twitter Web App : ali gatie acha gaana hai aapka please mujhe akela chor dein

Twitter Web App : boys be like ur independent and confident and assertive idk if i like u anymore.....i miss when ur life revolved around kissing my ass 🥺

Twitter Web App : ahs is my favorite tv show of all time but i'm just not feeling this season. like at all twitter.com/AHSFX/status/1…

Twitter Web App : kash but it's only for me ): makes me feel all special n shit

Twitter Web App : the amount of years american psycho has been out & the one thing he did right cis men ignored? bet

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Twitter Web App : im 5 foot something 🤚🏽💥 but my bills 💰🧾 all paid 💸✅😌 on my tippy toes 👟👀👟 from LA 😎✈️ to the bay 🌊🥳💯

Twitter Web App : z PLEASE,,, they're my all time favorite youtubers and they're *chef's kiss* SUPERIOR comedy

Twitter Web App : Hasan Minhaj is the epitome of the perfect brown boy: fairly religious, handsome, funny without being degrading to marginalized groups, well spoken, educated on social issues, and the list could go on and on.
He really set the blueprint burn you brown boys are FAILING

Twitter Web App : all these mutuals discovering short kings anthem im SO happy. stan tiny meat gang, thank u very much