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iPhone : An Aquarius trying to make a point

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iPhone : Scorpio: hey

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iPhone : Sock Zodiac

Aries: Neon Pink
Taurus: Rust
Gemini: Navy
Cancer: Striped
Leo: Fishnet
Virgo: Thigh High
Libra: Floral
Scorpio: Tube
Sagittarius: Silky
Capricorn: Leopard
Aquarius: Sport
Pisces: Glow-in-the-Dark

iPhone : Week of 12/9 in Pisces: You are such a sweetheart even when you aren’t. Give yourself a present or two. Because why should you have to sit there while everyone else dances. Dance, dance, you should dance, too.

iPhone : Week of 12/9 in Aquarius: You left something a long time ago now. It was a party but you thought it was over. It’s still going on with a new set of songs. Don’t be afraid to be a genius.

iPhone : Week of 12/9 in Capricorn: You are turning so many dishes hoping to get them all at just the right angle. It can’t only be you who notices everything that has happened. It can’t be but it is. Go out one night to celebrate your freedom.

iPhone : Week of 12/9 in Sagittarius: Could it be that the very thing you seek is sitting there waiting for you. Is it a green flame or a lilac sky. Do you wander waiting for it to call back to you. You must say the name first to get the answer (hint: it’s your name).

iPhone : Week of 12/9 in Scorpio: You stand at the perfect opening between the past and the future. You always want them to be the same thing. But no they are the very different definition of yes and no. You will have to say one or the other.

iPhone : Week of 12/9 in Libra: You will have a newness of purpose. So you should act in this new way as much as possible if you want to be at your best. Do you like green things. Yes, you do like green things.

iPhone : Week of 12/9 in Virgo: You will find a marigold card where you least expect it. Write your name wherever you can find a space to. It’s horrible to be right sometimes. But you always are right.