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TweetDeck : 13 years ago today, Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew was first released in North America!
It is the third Advanced Generation series movie, and the eighth Pokémon movie overall.

TweetDeck : Mega Gengars superb offensive stats and coverage make it a potent special attacker that can threaten nearly every common Pokemon in LGPE OU! facebook.com/SmogonU/posts/…

iPhone : If you missed it earlier, Farfetchd has a new evolution! It’s called Sirfetchd and is Fighting type. Details: pokemondb.net/news/265/new-g…

iPhone : Sandy Hook Promise has released this harrowing PSA in time for back-to-school

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Twitter Web App : Total retail sales of Super Mario Odyssey surpassed 2 million units in Japan.

Including digital its the best selling 3D Mario.

TweetDeck : Daniel luke Shinies number 5! Today we have the Black Celestial Rocket and a blue little T̵̡͙͙͙̹̖͖̜̬̜̲͚̉͛̆̈́̿̓̐̔̓͘̕͜͝ö̷̡̧̡̨͕̤̥̺̦̦̩̖́̇͝ŗ̴̻̗̰̼̪̬͕̠̻͔̭͍̂̅̌͆͂́́̀̍̓̆̆̚͝ç̶̡̢̬͈͍̝̮̹̳̮͛̋͐̈́̌̕ͅh̴̫̘̘̞̣̼̟̉̎͆̀̊͗͐̅̐̓̍͘͘͜͠͠į̷̛͎͔̭͖̹̤̼̓ç̵͓͔̪͑̀̌́̊̓͛̀̈́͘͝͝... chick...

iPhone : Generation 5 really did push my love for Pokémon to the next level. It helped me become more involved and understand more what it means to really contribute to the Pokémon fandom.

Thanks Black & White.

TweetDeck : Another one down....

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Twitter Web App : Lost Sprites: 1997 Girafarig

In Gold & Silvers 1997 demo, Girafarig was Dark/Normal with a mirror-image appearance -- but by 1999, hed been revised to Normal/Psychic. Not only that, but Girafarigs Shiny colors were changed as well.

Demo • Demo Shiny
Gold • Gold Shiny

iPhone : Me coming back to Twitter stronger every time y’all try to get rid of me

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Twitter Web App : ✨ Chill Art ~ ✨ Twitch.Tv/Rozoken Live Now! Just doodling and chillin ~

iPhone : iOS 13 Notice

We are currently confirming the games stability while using the new iOS 13. We expect this check to be completed soon, and we encourage you to avoid updating your operating system until further notice.

Please see here for more details.

Twitter Web App : 3 years ago facebook made a montage of all the photos I had taken that day and it just reminded me of it

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Twitter Web App : Its been a minute, but were back with another episode of me playing Astral Chain!!! This episode is.....a little long, but thats because Im certainly not used to making these! Please enjoy!

TweetDeck : Legendary Toes:

Articuno and Moltres have always had 4 toes on each foot -- but early sprites and artwork show Zapdos with only 3 toes.

PKMNs designers later regretted this inconsistency, so in Yellow Version they quietly added a fourth toe, which Zapdos still has to this day.

iPhone : ⚪⚫ Get ready for a Unova unveiling, Trainers! ⚫ ⚪

It’s almost time for new encounters with Pokémon featured in Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version. Will you be the first to catch all of them? 😉 #PokemonGO

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iPhone : Total retail sales of Super Mario Odyssey surpassed 2 million units in Japan.

Including digital its the best selling 3D Mario.

Elgato Stream Deck : SORRY FOR THE DELAY!! Were live Shiny Hunting though my dudes! Come hangout :D


Android : Farfetch’d and Sirfetch’d are both trending in the United Kingdom. Are you ducking serious? 👀 🦆#PokemonSwordShield

Android : #LaterAlligator game is officially OUT! Available on STEAM and DRM-free on itch.io! A very, very silly alligator mystery with multiple endings and multiple.. friendings. ;V




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Twitter Web App : Dunkey spreading the good word

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iPhone : The SpongeBob 4D Ride might as well be a horror game.

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Twitter Web App : The Dragon Prince Happy anniversary! ^___^ Here are a few of my favorite fanarts I have drawn. Haha only Aaravos. Sorry but I love him. 💜

#Aaravos #TDP #tdpart #HappyAnniversary

Android : Trevor Henry The only trial G2 faced was bearly beating SKT in a series while struggling in group stage. Point is Worlds is more impressive cause you face more teams with diffrents styles. Unlike MSI where they didnt even have to face IG cause they had a bad series against TL.

Android : I’ll give $3,000 CASH to someone random who retweets this in next 48 hours because Giving is fun 😊 (must be following so I can dm you, void where prohibited, no purch necessary)

iPhone : The Cop litteraly tried to attack him first...

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Twitter Web App :

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Android : Key Animation: Shuhei Yasuda (安田周平)
Source: Pokemon Sun & Moon #43

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