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Twitter Web App : “could obsess @potus”? no, never, that’s ridiculous—our calm and stable-genius potus will keep his laser-like focus on the nation’s course with his steady hand on the tiller in his selfless, egoless way because that’s what he does as we’ve all seen twitter.com/flanagannjtv/s…

Twitter Web App : July was the hottest month in recorded human history. Climate change is an existential threat to humanity.

But Donald J. Trump & Kirk Cox have the same approach to solving this crisis: do nothing.

Virginia can & should lead when this administration won't. We deserve better.

Twitter Web App : This is obviously false.

Many rural states are ignored due to the Electoral College. Candidates don’t campaign in Montana, Kansas, or West Virginia. They spend time in big cities in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

The Electoral College keeps candidates away from most states. twitter.com/dancrenshawtx/…

Twitter Web App : Mitch McConnell has all the time in the world to cut taxes for rich people and corporations. But with time running out to protect coal miners with black lung disease, he's doing nothing. #BlackLungKills #SenatorForSale

Twitter Web App : Our coal miners risked their lives to fuel our country—but Mitch McConnell would only give a group of them with black lung disease a scant minute when they rode 10 hours to visit him in Washington. My question for McConnell: Which side are you on?

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Twitter Web App : And the market dropped 600 points ... oh no, wait, that was the other confused guy. twitter.com/realsaavedra/s…

Twitter Web App : Trump clearly has no regard for the rule of law. He is prepared to declare an unwarranted national emergency to create additional leverage against China for the trade war.






Twitter Web App : A new day, a new friend 🐧✨

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