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Bio investigative reporter; tired ukrainian lady. pmosendz at bloomberg dot net
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iPhone : Jenny I thought of you immediately and the very glamorous interview I would give if you ever made the news as a basket heiress!!

iPhone : those frozen cream puffs that come in a box of 100 and are only sold at your home town grocery store twitter.com/jill_jorgensen…

Twitter Web App : A javelina was caught speeding near 22nd and Kolb in Tucson.

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Twitter Web App : i love this squad of alpacas very much

Twitter Web App : i’m at the ███████
i’m at the taco bell
i’m at the combination ███████ and taco bell

iPhone : Normal Brain: Municipal Control of the MTA

Galaxy Brain: Municipal Control of the Knicks.

Your move, Corey Johnson.


iPhone : Me when Im feeling great for any reason and then log onto twitter dot com

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Twitter Web App : BlissRage southpaw strongly recommend the Crime Junkie podcast episode, its an in depth explanation, imo. there's a lot of fictionalized accounts of what happened, but few very straight forward news-y ones given that it was covered as the "sexpot trial"

Twitter Web App : southpaw two hour film on how alice crimmins was insanely wrongfully accused of murdering her kids because she was a pretty mom who liked dating around in the 60s

Twitter Web App : Protecting a sources identity is one of the most important aspects of a journalists job. Some anonymous sources are risking their jobs; others tell their stories with their own safety on the line. Then theres this guy

Twitter Web App : The coronavirus story will also become a health-insurance story in America. This guy went to China, caught the flu, came back, did the responsible thing and reported himself for possible coronavirus — but tested negative and now might have to pay $1,400+. miamiherald.com/news/health-ca…