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Twitter for iPad : I always hear that Warming Change is settled science.

But science is only settled when it is reproducible and thus predictable. Gravity works every time.

In contrast, climate supremacists can barely predict the winter. The only thing settled is their dogma.

Twitter for iPad : Furious mob, retaliatory pepper spray, and flying kick in the ass: 1

Appeals to conservative values: 0 twitter.com/tweetbrettmac/…

Twitter for iPad : The modern War of the West has largely been one of state against nation.

Now with a smirking effete Macron and the furious yellow vests, that war may finally have its icons.

Twitter for iPad : A useful piece on the legal esoterica that will drive the impeachment putsch.

Key premise: Prosecutors will claim paying sex hush money is an unreported ‘campaign contribution’.

That may sound ludicrous, but that’s the sound of Russian Collusion.


Twitter for iPad : Same psychology as rental v. ownership.

America is now a rental. And no one takes those into the shop. twitter.com/pksbpdl/status…

Twitter for iPad : “Your time is up, white people.”

Yes. Our time is up.

The period of whites feeding Africans, giving them aid, technology, medicine, and entry into their countries is coming to an end.

Starve, rot, or drown, just don’t call whites. Our time is up.


Twitter for iPad : Three year foreign migrant trivia:

California has added the combined populations of Fresno & Berkeley.

NY has added Buffalo and Rochester.

Texas has added Corpus Christi.

In three years.

Everyone knows their country is being given away. They just don’t know how quickly.

Twitter for iPad : National Post savaged for calling white reindeer ‘magical.’

Acknowledges the painful history of white reindeer privilege and enormous contributions of brown grazing herbivores throughout history.

Republicans quickly pass federal holiday for Dasher.


Twitter for iPad : Our future is:

Breakfast table in an otherwise empty room

It’s comforting to know prog senators aren’t letting homeless drunks monopolize the babble market. twitter.com/SenGillibrand/…

Twitter for iPad : Market calmed as the key unemployment rate of neocon retreads hits lowest figure in recorded history.


Twitter for iPad : Here’s some perspective:

In just two years Florida has added the population of its fifth largest city, St. Petersburg, without even considering illegals.

Two years.

The psychosis of permitting such colossal migration will be studied by the Chinese for generations.

Twitter for iPad : Ned Weatherby Well, Sheldon Adelson’s wife did get the Medal of Freedom for her relentless advocacy on behalf of a foreign country.

So the cupboard isn’t completely bare.

Twitter for iPad : The French don’t want to be economically immiserated and demographically replaced. So they hate the globalist elites.

But they desperately want to posture as urbane liberal cosmopolitans. So they elect the globalist elites.

The conflict of interests v. image turns vicious.