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iPhone : So many people in our community are ill. Persistent infections. Alcoholism. Depression. Avoidable pain. We can do something about all of this. Why don’t we try?

iPhone : If we made public health a priority, it could be a keystone policy shift that forced discussions around housing segregation, access to medical care, drug addiction, transportation, etc.

iPhone : The thing I keep reflecting on as the memory of what happened in the Oregon District remains, is that all of the issues we faced before that shooting still exist. Systemic segregation and a generally unwell community by a whole host of measures.

iPhone : I would love to see local leaders talk more consistently and forcefully about non-gun issues pertaining to public health. (I obviously think guns are a serious problem). But issues like infant mortality—and the persistent racial gap therein—should be talked about more. twitter.com/kschroederddn/…

iPhone : Spent my whole flight to Boston arguing with my 12-year-old seatmate about Batman and when we landed he shook my hand and said, “Lady ma’am, you know your shit.”

iPhone : Stop Making This Mistake With Your Planks❌. When many people perform plank variations, they mindlessly hang out on their shoulders

✅ Press your body away from the floor and protract your shoulder blades (think about spreading them apart, and moving them around your ribcage)

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iPhone : I think this is related to how people view fitness generally. They see fitness as just “the work,” and not the preparation and recovery. So, a reminder: warm up. Take a set with an empty bar. Eat. Sleep. Take into account your menstrual cycle if you have one. That’s all fitness.

iPhone : If I’ve prescribed a weight for folks, they’ll just put that on the bar, and I have to remind them to take a set with the empty bar first. Or they’ll want to skip the pre-workout general warmup or activation stuff. It’s not that they’re being obstinate. They just forget.

iPhone : One fascinating thing about having trained (and continuing to train) so many people who’ve never touched a barbell before: new folks almost always forget to warm up or build up to a working set.

iPhone : Do your rows look like this?

- Excessive forward head posture.
- Excessive glenohumeral extension (scap anterior tilt, shoulder rolling forward.)

Stop it.

Just, stop.


iPhone : THIS. "If a victim needs to leave a job to escape an abuser, they are often left w/out income on which to support themselves while they re-establish their living situation & navigate whatever legal steps they are taking.​" #OnAMission #endDV nbc4i.com/news/state-new… WDTN

iPhone : Congrats YWCA Dayton on becoming the first #YWCA in the US to have your social justice work accredited!! Your efforts + voice are critical to moving the needle on some of our most pressing issues! #eliminatingracism #EmpoweringWomen

iPhone : During push-ups, many people don’t pay attention to what their hands are doing. This is a big mistake (top video). During push-ups, your weight should be evenly distributed throughout your full hands and fingers, not just at the base of your hands/wrists

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iPhone : I think of creativity in strength and conditioning as essentially a design issue. What are my constraints? And how do I use creativity to design around those constraints.