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Twitter Web App : I dont give a shit about optics when it comes to antifascism. Know why? Nazis have a narrative to push whatever happens. The fascist depicts their enemies as simultaneously too weak and too strong.

iPhone : watching mma with my family and my mom is yelling “she just threw her on her head and neck! That is terrible! She could have killed that girl!”

iPhone : bill clinton at jeffrey epstein’s funeral

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Android : A basketball field inside a cave in mountainous Guizhou province.

People from a mountain village have transformed a Karst cave into a basketball court, equipped with an electronic lighting system and a tiered seating area that can accommodate over a thousand audience.

iPhone : Dolphins use Pufferfish to get high. Pufferfish produce a potent defensive chemical, which they eject when threatened. In small enough doses, the toxin seems to induce a trance-like state in dolphins

Twitter Web App : i’ve found my favorite tiktok

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