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Twitter Web Client : Mitch demands: 1) Old men control the bodies of women.
2) Russia controls our elections.
Moscow Mitch won't let Senate vote to secure the election, but he will allow anti-abortion bills dailykos.com/story/2020/2/1…

Twitter Web Client : Shady character, who could not pass a basic background check, made Directer of White House Personnel.

Trump rehires aide who was fired because he couldn't pass background check americanindependent.com/donald-trump-h…

Twitter Web Client : Trump's latest extortion scheme against New York.
Another impeachment is called for.

‘Quid pro quo right before our eyes!’ Trump’s threat against New York seen as ‘exact same crime’ he was impeached over - rawstory.com/2020/02/quid-p…

Twitter Web App : THE ACCOUNTANT It's B.S. .
Barr cooked this up with Trump to make Barr appear more reasonable.
Now Barr can continue to purge the DOJ of honest officials and indulge future unreasonable and criminal acts of Trump. pic.twitter.com/MFwh3YYcAx

Twitter Web Client : Give us a break! Kelly could still confront Trump with his crimes.
John Kelly Mocked for Trump Criticism: If There Was Only Something He Could Have Done When He Was Chief of Staff… mediaite.com/a/cdqos via @mediaite

Twitter Web Client : Trump to start "controlled blasting" of sacred Indian lands and National Park monuments.

Trump administration begins blowing up and desecrating Native land to build his pointless wall dailykos.com/story/2020/2/1…

Twitter Web Client : Hey red states: When Trump is not in office, you may be next.

The very definition of abusive lawlessness’: Democrats predicted Trump would make aid to states contingent upon political demands. Experts say he’s proving them right alternet.org/2020/02/the-ve…

Twitter Web App : This position of the American Bar Association confronts how badly Trump/republicans have trampled the Constitution.

“Public officials who personally attack judges or prosecutors.. creates a perception that the system is serving a political purpose.

Twitter Web Client : GOP excuse for walking out on a crucial national cyber security meeting: To protest "corrupt" investigations into Trump!
Devin Nunes has a new hustle: Leading Republicans in a post-impeachment "strike" salon.com/2020/02/13/dev…