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iPhone : Crypto skipped the toy phase and went straight to overthrowing governments out of the gate. The technology suffered for it. I’m excited about the toy phase.…

Twitter Web Client : Laurie Blockchain Voss ಠ_ಠ I don't think this is right at all. Social is hard to get to work & for every big co try there are 10k startups that try. IMO, if MSFT took 10k shots on goal, they could prob make a Houseparty (or maybe a Snap) as well.

I'm skeptical FB (a monopoly) is going anywhere, but IDK.

iPhone : ಠ_ಠ Interesting to see how the graph has closed down. AFAIK you can’t get any of this stuff today, so it’s hard to build social stuff.

If you’re a data privacy person that looks like a feature, but I think most folks worried about FB as a monopoly see that as *the* massive bug.

Twitter Web Client : sagar Yeah, rivalrous goods are a bitch when your purchasing power is shrinking relative to another segment. Europe blows in a lot of ways, but I am a fan of the mentality that these are problems of group vs individual failure, & the resultant obligation to take care of people.

Twitter Web Client : sagar So the programmer makes 5x what an accountant made (inflation adjusted) in 1985, and the customer in some office gets way cheaper accounting, and the experience for the barista is higher housing costs and lower purchasing power.

Twitter Web Client : sagar They were specifically conspiring around high-end talent, which AFAIK was isolated, but regardless isn't the problem for baristas. Their problem is their labor productivity has not increased and the programmer they serve who works at Intuit does the job of 200 1985 accountants.

Twitter Web Client : sagar Laurie Blockchain Voss Not sure I follow. As some labor gets relatively less valuable and some gets more valuable, we'd expect to see things like a shift to a services economy (check) and things like housing go up (check). You would not expect to see wealth "spreading" if that means less inequality.

Twitter Web Client : sagar Laurie Blockchain Voss I tend to personally bias towards blaming society for this problem, especially in America where we have a weaker social safety net and don't make it easy to grow human capital without personal wealth, but it's not cut and dry.

Twitter Web Client : sagar Laurie Blockchain Voss I suspect most folks are OK working, but want "good wages" and their labor is worth relatively less as the skill level needed to make a good wage goes up every year & they aren't upskilling. You could argue it's their fault for not getting edu, or society's fault for not giving.

Twitter Web Client : sagar Laurie Blockchain Voss ...If we aren't training 'muricans for high-skill jobs (we suck at this), at least these skilled workers being here creates other jobs unskilled 'muricans can do by creating more customers for local coffee shops, cleaning services, etc.

Twitter Web Client : sagar Laurie Blockchain Voss I think what happens in practice is these folks come in near peers, but fall behind quickly. Definitely contractors bend the law, but from my perspective there's infinite demand for high-skill labor so I don't worry about this...

iPhone : Laurie Blockchain Voss Some people have a hard time a) imagining brown people making market rates & b) getting out of a fixed pie mentality.

On the latter, I like to agree with them, then say “yeah, this is why women entering the workforce was a trainwreck 😐“ and just see what their response is.

iPhone : Laurie Blockchain Voss The problem with H1B’s is employees have no leverage, so they end up underpaid, which these ppl point to as the problem (they’re undercutting US labor). The solution is the opposite of what they suggest though. Give them job mobility & they’ll get paid market rates.

Twitter Web Client : Pomp 🌪 If those things sound bad to *you*, then you might not be a big fan of hard currency. I'm just presenting data points for reasonable people to use as input to their decision making process. :)

Twitter Web Client : Pomp 🌪 Depends who you are and what your values are. If you're rich and value individual short-term wealth preservation over long-term societal wealth maximization and people not starving, then hard currency is great.