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Twitter Web App : P.M Boris Johnson appoints new Health & Social Care Secretary in lew of currents events.

Twitter Web App : mark normand Same, but i'm more of a dog. It's going to be hard to stop myself pissing on trees and licking my balls in public.

Twitter Web App : BigSi Royal Mail The actual post office stays open till 5pm obviously. Im talking about the enquiry office. So youre saying the person I talked to lied to me then?

Twitter Web App : Literally no shops in town are open, fair enough, but won't it be great when normality comes around again. I hope everyone stays safe and keeps a positive attitude.

Twitter Web App : BigSi Royal Mail I don't know where your post office is but mine closes at 12:30. I even asked them "what's the latest time i can expect my mail" and she replied "you definitely won't get it after 1:30. Other companies that are not royal mail deliver all day, but they don't, that's just wrong.

Twitter Web App : BBC Music Introducing The South Little Grim 1: I have uploaded many times
2: How am I assuming all presenters are male?
3: What does it matter how far away anyone is?
4: It seems to me that often the bands who get the most hype is based on fashion and who they know in the industry rather than actual talent.

Twitter Web App : I love each and every one of you no matter what. Who cares if we don't agree, who cares what your politics are. I've reached a point where none of that matters. All I care about is you. I hope I see everyone (including myself) on the other side.

Twitter Web App : BigSi Royal Mail No, for the fact that I never get any mail before 1pm ever, and rely on it being early for work. Putting their families at risk? Calm down mate. It's not like anyone is holding a gun to their heads saying 'YOU WILL WORK FOR US' ffs.

Twitter Web App : social etiquette is putting a 'next customer' thing on the belt at the supermarket. This prick not only didn't do that, he also told he to 'keep my distance' from him. I asked if he was going to sanitise the change he'll be given, then coughed in his face #wanker