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Android : Hey media,

Why are you ignoring the Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies who tells us Google is working with Communist China to “create a God-like AI system that is able to ingest the available public information on the internet & make sense of it”?

Is that not newsworthy? 🤔

Android : Facts:

President Trump has relieved, demoted, or suspended 8,000 Veteran’s Affairs employees who underperformed in their jobs

Trump’s VA has its highest budget ever

Patient satisfaction reached 89.7%—the highest level EVER

This is what taking care of our vets looks like


Android : I got to know John Kelly when President Trump was filling out his staff. I always felt unsure of him after meeting him. The guy is a SNAKE, an Obama loyalist. I was right. Thanks Nikki Haley for having the courage to expose these APOSTATES.


Android : Did you know Adam Schiff at one point was pushing for the whistleblower to testify? That all changed after Schiff got caught lying about communicating with the whistleblower!
Here it is...WATCH IT! 👇

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Android : Bry Trish Archambault Donald J. Trump Anyone with a TV or computer is familiar with any news if they choose to research. The Stone Age is over & Technology gives everyone access to all info so your hometown statement is irrelevant as is the opinion sold to you. Clearly you drank the Kool-Aid. Have a nice night kiddo!

Android : On this Veterans Day I believe we should rally behind LT. Gen Mike Flynn and advocate for his full and complete pardon!

This American hero has suffered enough under the wrath of the Obama deep state!

Android : In order to continue being the most Transparent President in history, I will be releasing sometime this week the Transcript of the first, and therefore most important, phone call I had with the President of Ukraine. I am sure you will find it tantalizing!

Android : “The President has until September 30th to give this aid to Ukraine. He gets it out on September 11th., 3 weeks before the deadline. So, we give our ally aid, and Joe Biden is not investigated. Remember that, they get the aid and we get nothing in return. The Democrats....

Android : Dear libs,

What would happen if a billionaire pedophile had incriminating evidence on President Trump & the people he associated with?

Would the media still collaborate to keep it hidden? Would they question his suspicious death? Would there be an investigation?

I’ll wait.

Android : Did you know:

The alleged “Whistleblower” led a meeting in January 2016 when the White House made the decision to move forward with strong arming the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Joe Biden’s son

Why won’t Adam Schiff let the Whistleblower testify?

America needs answers!