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iPhone : Another moron defending something he knows nothing about...
Islam is not a race, your genes define your race not your religion. Are you under the impression all Muslims are brown? Is criticism of Christianity also racist? twitter.com/div0nexus/stat…

iPhone : You look like a brainwashed religious woman suffering from delusions of grandeur influenced by the misogynistic, violent, oppressive dogma you adhere to and the fawning gullible fools who help you endorse & normalise this toxic regressive religious narrative. #bbcqt

iPhone : He was challenged on whether the Hamas Charter is antisemitic, he says he doesnt agree with it, but cant bring himself to say its antisemitic.

Corbyn at the meeting said Hamas brings about long-term peace & social justice and political justice 4/9

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iPhone : How about Hezbollah?

Apparently Corbyn misspoke when he called Hamas and Hezbollah friends in order to promote a productive dialogue.

What was the dialogue from Hezbollahs El Hajj Hassan at the meeting? The Israelis is like the Nazis 2/9

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iPhone : Corbyn in front of the Home Affairs committee:

It seems to me very unfortunate, that you appear to have so much contact with people who have unpleasant views about Israel and Jewish people, would you accept that?

No I wouldnt accept that.

What does the evidence say? 1/9

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iPhone : Don’t moan about police cuts and then encourage this absolute diabolical idiotic nonsense. This is not a police matter it’s a frivolous petty waste of the public’s money & is wasting police time & abusing scarce police resources.Bromley MPS twitter.com/itvlondon/stat…

iPhone : Fears of election fraud grow after parents say student sons and daughters are being illegally registered to vote without their knowledge all over the country.

iPhone : Student;
“I’m voting Labour, all the things I use will be free for people like me, forever”
Sane Person;
“You won’t be a student next year, you’ll be a tax payer”.
“What happens then”?
Sane Person;
“You pay for other people’s free stuff”.