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Bio actually george costanza; extroverted but actively dislikes most people. stop blaming putin for our own problems and demographics.

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Twitter Web App : i love this argument that the cheeto is not a racist because he married immigrants

that are white

so because he married white women he isn't racist?

perfect logic

Twitter Web App : Marlyn šŸ’–šŸ’œšŸ’™ I'm not trying to diminish what you're saying, but I think it really depends on the overall environment. We shouldn't be having a competition as to who is more oppressed. The idea that moms bond with their gay sons somehow by default is completely not true.

Twitter Web App : public service announcement:

no, i will not help you with your webstie

i am not a web developer, front nor back end

i do not know dick about your website and i do not care

i care about the physical infrastructure and protocols that let your website function. it's different.

Twitterrific for iOS : Cricut is there a reason you install to only the local user on macOS? It makes using the product across user accounts (or guest users) a massive pain. I donā€™t understand why itā€™s not just either an app or a browser extension.

Ideally, I think most users want a real app

Twitter Web App : Hannah Brown Jonathan Martin Joe Biden One size doesnā€™t fit all? Iā€™m sorry, does this healthcare system take care of multiple species? I believe weā€™re conceded with only human health in which case it is, indeed, all the same. Itā€™s not like specialists cease to exist.

Twitterrific for iOS : On one hand I love this look and the new uniform silhouette

But then I look at the fabric and I dearly hope youā€™re always in air conditioning bc holy fuck is it hot in San Diegoā€¦

Twitterrific for iOS : House Democrats just ratified obscene $733B military budget. How does the duopoly have limitless $ for war, but not for 28 million w/out health insurance, 45 million with student debt & a planet spiraling into climate catastrophe? Time for the politics of people, planet & peace!

Twitterrific for iOS : Ricky Ramon Good point, it will be interesting to see what types of questions each group of candidates get for sure

(and, overall, what sorts of BS softball questions certain candidates get haha)