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Twitterrific for iOS : Total bs fabricated smear of Tulsi Gabbard Donā€™t buy it. She has more than 65,000 donors and they found 3 with views that fit their pre-conceived narrative. Tulsi has literally put her life on the line for our country. You may not like her views but sheā€™s a patriot. Full stop.

Twitterrific for iOS : "Palestinian civil society and Jewish leftists should take a moral lesson from the country that committed the Holocaust" is certainly a take, I'll give you thatā€¦

Twitterrific for iOS : Google Nest so um hi are you going to support two factor authentication with an app (like a qr code) orrrrrrr

Or better yet allow Auth with my google acct optionally too thereā€™s a thought

Please and thank you, good on ya, etc

Twitterrific for iOS : Fucking outrageous.

I wish I had the power to get Chelsea in a bunker and never let the authorities anywhere near her. Fucking fascists.ā€¦

Twitter Web App : Apparently Japan is running out of phone numbers so they're moving to 14-digit numbers from 11.

I don't understand the math here.

US uses 10-digit numbers

US has 1.3B possible numbers with a population of 330M. Japan has a population of 126M.

How is this possible?

Twitterrific for iOS : Honestly Though. Willmatic Whatā€™s funny is idk why google is going with the angle that Apple is implying itā€™s a luxury while Gā€™s business model has always been based off of monetizing our data. Apple just charges dollars.

If google doesnā€™t want privacy to be a luxury good then they should change that.