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Android : Stop ๐Ÿ‘ being ๐Ÿ‘ dicks ๐Ÿ‘ to ๐Ÿ‘ shop ๐Ÿ‘ staff ๐Ÿ‘ risking ๐Ÿ‘ themselves ๐Ÿ‘ to ๐Ÿ‘ sell ๐Ÿ‘ you ๐Ÿ‘ food.

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Android : Ewan Gibbs Kuhvieh Sabrina Huck Sabrina's initially words were that the soft left needs to 'pin down what analysis of the political moment you collectively share and proposed solutions' is. Which is mind boggling to me unless all the stuff described as 'mood' isn't political

Android : Ewan Gibbs Kuhvieh Sabrina Huck I don't at all agree there isn't a pinned political analysis. There only isn't if an analysis of the conditions that allow a left that can't self criticise sees enemies everywhere, and unsurprisingly produces cranks who don't believe AS isnt a smear against JC isn't *political*.

Android : Kuhvieh Ewan Gibbs Sabrina Huck Yeah I believe it includes a majority of Lab (as is playing out in the leadership contest). I supported Corbyn twice but I ceased to use the word Corbynite to describe myself cos I can't say I really rated what became of that 'project' or leadership for the reasons outlined above

Android : Ewan Gibbs Sabrina Huck So yeah policies soft left support are pretty close to a lot of Corbyn era policies, and if that's all that you care about you're going to struggle to differentiate soft left from anything else. But the whole point of that grouping is the other stuff matters too.

Android : Ewan Gibbs Sabrina Huck If you want an idea of what the vague grouping of people who call themselves soft left believe, it's that they just don't agree policies is all the matters. The 'mood' isn't just a feeling, its a belief about how you achieve those policies. It's important.

Android : Ewan Gibbs Sabrina Huck There's this notion amongst some that the only thing that matters is the 'policies' you support - which leads some who've railed for years against the ethics and & of one candidate & the faction behind them to vote for that candidate based on a minutiae difference in policy.

Android : Ewan Gibbs Sabrina Huck So not, its categorically not opposed to the strategies that achieve societal change. Those strategies were deployed, & failed spectacularly to bring people on board. The soft left doesn't object to those tactics cos they're unpleasant, they object cos they cost you the mission.

Android : Ewan Gibbs Sabrina Huck including aggressive sectarianism, aversion for truth (utilising fake news sites), idolisation, 'hard man' talk that seeks to outrage & out-left everyone ('Castro did literally nothing wrong' 'I'd vote for Trump instead of Clinton') *actively harms the objective of socialism*

Android : Ewan Gibbs Sabrina Huck Soft left are people who support socialist economics (Ie. not merely redistribution against poverty) but policies that fundamentally shift power and prevent the inequality.
The difference & the branch off from the 'corbynite' left comes from a belief that the strategies

Android : mike Is he well isolated? He meets loads of people who travel around the country everyday & was doing daily press conferences with dozens of journalists till recently? Meanwhile a lot of people haven't seen anyone for over 2 weeks. Politicans way more at risk than most.

Android : Oscillating between depression about the hopelessness of this distopian situation and how much this sucks for me personally, and then realising that if this is 'our generations WW3' literally all I'm being asked to do is literally stay in and watch Netflix.

Android : But, after you properly fund the NHS based on current demand and projected demand for the population, maybe it makes sense to have some kind of overflow plan for when demand suddenly and unpredictably increases