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iPhone : “I believe that shopping your values shouldn’t be a privilege. Everyone should be able to shop their values. I hope that brands will do their part & make their products sustainable so that everyone can participate.” -Rachael Wang, speaking at the Why #WeWearFairTrade panel 🙌🏾

iPhone : "It’s so important to me, as a member of the fashion industry, to do everything I can to make it more transparent, more ethical and more sustainable." –Rachael Wang tnvge.co/GpwT3pr

iPhone : “This holiday can be sugar-coated as much as people like to justify colonial violence, but note that it is a painful, annual reminder of our genocide and white supremacy — two of the very foundations of this country, alongside slavery” - . papermag.com/thanksgiving-n…

iPhone : Also some brief stats on Celine. By my count 87 of the 96 models were white. And it took 30 exits before an Asian model appeared and a fun fun 34 exits before a black model appeared. Innovative! A veritable hive of modernity and youth-focused design. *screams into pillow*

iPhone : My last note on Celine because I have more important things to dedicate my rage to - what a day to present such a tone-deaf, ignorant, belligerent, narcissistic show.

iPhone : I’m constantly trying to pitch stories featuring non-professional models or people who are not sample size, and editors say no all the time.

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iPhone : I did the legwork so you don’t have to. These are THE BEST vegan red lipsticks on the market. allure.com/gallery/best-v…

iPhone : The walkout at Naomi and Carter’s school will last 18 minutes, with an extra minute added for Courtlin Arrington, who was shot at a school in Alabama. When African-American women are killed “their names aren’t remember, so I thought it was important to add,” Naomi said.