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Bio Award-winning romance author. Writer/producer of serial fiction. SAG-AFTRA performer. Game writer. Figure skater. Rights inquiries: Hershman Rights Management
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Twitter Web App : Lovely #Gentlemanjack people! Please keep spreading the news about my book! Can I ask my followers to retweet and tag a friend? Link to UK edition bit.ly/2G6mbj8 and US edition twitter.com/PenguinBooks/s… 1120712403447156737. Thank you!

Twitter Web App : No idea if anyone remembers, but last year, I wrote a YA ft. a Chinese American figure skater who returns to Beijing, where her family lives, for the 1st time in years, to compete for Team USA in the 2022 Olympics.

#TheFarewell struck home bc it reminded me of my 💛project.

Twitter Web App : The. Fucking. ARCTIC. Is. On. Fire!

The Arctic peatlands have (mainly) been locked in permafrost, which is thawing *70 years earlier* than predicted. Now a fuckton more carbon could be released (an estimated 30-60 billion tons by 2040: nature.com/articles/48003…)

This is not good. twitter.com/RandomEtc/stat…

iPhone : Amplifying this, #medtwitter becuase she’s not the only one. My ability to get medical care I need will always be impacted by negative and inappropriate bedside manner I received as a kid. Today I’m 46. I want to work with you but like the OP, I need your help to do that. twitter.com/dori_kiel/stat…

Twitter Web App : I made a bad life choice - I went outside, because I was too cold in the cafe, and now the cafe temperature is waaaaaaay too cold and the outside is waaaaaaay too hot and nothing is good.

Twitter Web App : Christian A. Young Our heat should break tomorrow. Today we're praying it doesn't hit 100. And because cities hold heat, its particularly horrific here, especially where the buildings are tall.

Twitter Web App : Christian A. Young I mean, you also may not need to specify at all. Our books often have multi-year plotlines, so it's something I usually have to deal with, but when I can avoid it, I do.

Twitter Web App : DC people! This show is magical, and it is not doing what you think it is doing. When it reveals itself -- magic! If you like stories that are something other than "something happens and something changes" this is your everything. Run, don't walk. twitter.com/metroweekly/st…

Twitter Web App : Christian A. Young What I find useful is to wait to deal with these issues to a second draft, as I may find emotional patterns I was trying to create with weather that need to be reinforced while also clarifying time.

Twitter Web App : The highlight of my week any week is when my coach texts me about lesson times and none of them are before noon.

Twitter Web App : A Queen from the North - It starts at Christmas. It's set in an alternate modern UK where the Wars of the Roses never ended. There's a genderqueer teen court witch. It rains the entire time. Award-winning slow burn. amazon.com/dp/B06XBPDJPM

Twitter Web App : After the Gold - Figure skating M/F romance. Infrequent, but high heat sexual content. UST for miles. Unlikeable heroine. Ice. Obviously. amazon.com/dp/B07BK9DR9L/