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TweetDeck : Todays bedtime achievements: Toddler only had 2 meltdowns: One because we couldnt get her dad on the phone, the other because I accidentally shut her Corduroy bear in the hallway. Im batting 0/2 on parenting tonight but man it makes coding look easier.

iPhone : I may spend tomorrow in bed. Tonight was great, but exhausting. Did too much. I’m still nowhere near 💯. More like 50 %.

Android : Guess who just woke up with a phone in his hand and a half-finished gnight tweet?


Gnight, nerds. You are loved. pic.twitter.com/sVIHgFjZid

Android : You dont get to pat yourself on the back for being diverse if you have white writers guessing how black characters might respond in a situation. It doesnt matter how many black people you outsource your questions to. Try hiring us. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

Twitter Web App : Here’s my issue with people saying they don’t care if someone is gay...

That’s privilege. Being gay/lesbian/queer has an impact on a person. If they’ve been closeted for decades it’s because they were worried, had anxiety, or whatever, so you should absolutely care.

Care more.

Twitter for iPad : The second romance-only bookstore in the country opened in Tinley Park in June. LovesSweetArrow is owned and operated by Roseann and Marissa Backlin, who were inspired to open the business by their love for #romance novels. Happy Bookstore Romance Day Day! 💕 patch.com/illinois/tinle…

Twitter Web App : Despite the over the top sleeves and the absurd (to the modern eye) hair, the sitter still manages to look surprisingly elegant. She’s the Marquise Chasseloup-Laubat, by Joseph-Désiré Court, 1831. Via Musée des Beaux-Arts.

Twitter for iPad : Ham GAIL SIMONE Especially in this day in age where artisanal dungeons and free range dragons being so outrageously priced thanks to Millenials.

Android : Freelance copyeditors and/or proofreaders! I see many of you on here but I dont necessarily know much about you. So Im calling for a business boost. 📝

Use this thread to share what you do. Include your site if you have one, your specialties, and how to reach you.

Twitter Web App : Getting older is like a Choose Your Own Adventure where the page you always end up on is you have a mysterious pain in your back

Echofon : Writer research process:

1) This character needs to wear a flower.
2) What flowers are medicinal, inflorescent, and native to Southeast Asia?
3) [an hour remembering what acanthus is]
4) Fuck, are any of these red?
5) ...nope!
6) Purple’s prettier anyway.

TweetDeck : Awake at 4:58 Saturday night / Sunday morning, listening to Siouxie and the Banshees, worrying about what Monday will bring. It would be just like college except (1) Im home, not at a club (2) Im wearing headphones (3) there really is something to worry about on Monday.

Android : This video has cured my depression, cleared my skin, and watered my crops. ✨

#Tiktok is wild, man.

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iPhone : Art is political. Romance novels are political. Nothing exists apolitically. When you choose to present a world free of complex intersectionality, purposefully sanitized to reflect only white able-bodied heteronormativity you are making a deliberate political choice. We see you.

Twitter Web Client : If your child comes out as trans and you have big feelings you need to navigate-DO👏🏽 NOT👏🏽 LAY 👏🏽THOSE👏🏽 AT👏🏽 YOUR 👏🏽CHILDS👏🏽 FEET.
Even if theyre an adult. Even if youre close. They have enough to deal with. They need your strength, your love, and your calm in the storm

Android : If the Nationals somehow tied it in the 14th tonight, heres what was going to happen: Asdrúbal Cabrera was going to the mound, Howie Kendrick was moving to second, Juan Soto was going to first base, and Joe Ross was going to left field.

TweetDeck : Saturday’s Final Showdown here at Silicon Valley Comic Con:

** Artoo vs. Dalek! **

#StarWars #DoctorWho
#R2D2 #Exterminate

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The Lesbian Review website : If I were stranded on a desert island and I only had one book it would be Fingersmith by Sarah Waters.

I adore this book. Sarah Waters did a beautiful job of weaving an intricate story with great ... thelesbianreview.com/fingersmith-by…

Android : People living with HIV who are on anti-retroviral treatment and maintain an undetectable viral load for at least six months do not sexually transmit HIV. - NZAF
nzaf.org.nz/hiv-aids-stis/… twitter.com/homesweethomo/…

iPhone : Thousands of protesters are gathering in Hong Kong for the 11th consecutive weekend of mass demonstrations in the city. Follow live updates cnn.it/2z8nmLK

iPhone : when traumatic things happen in succession, they become normal and when they stop for whatever reason...it is the scariest thing in the world.

and how fucking sad is it,
that peace can bring its own terror.

Twitter Web App : most stuff aint poems ✒ I imagined a poem shark sending in his enforcers. They dont break knee caps. They rifle through your books and argue lit crit until you fling poems at them. This is all mitigated by the time you heard one quietly weeping over a sad line in your hallway.

iPhone : I also think that we should all be talking about hard policy issues and that policy details are in fact real leftism, at least as much as rhetoric about solidarity and the like.

iPhone : It’s almost 4am and I can’t stop sketching my players’ characters with their most important NPCs my girlfriend never should have lent me her iPad send help—

iPhone : This is insane. Maus by Spiegelman is a powerful account of living in Nazi-occupied Poland - one of the first non-superhero comics I read. The CEO of Marvel is a major Trump donor and is betraying his companys long history of producing anti-fascist pro-humanity work. twitter.com/Newsweek/statu…

iPhone : Antonio Basco, overwhelmed by loneliness and grief after his wife, Margie Reckard, was slain in the El Paso mass shooting, invited the community to attend her prayer service.

Thousands of people lined up for several blocks to pay their respects. washingtonpost.com/national/here-…

iPhone : So, Ive been alerted to people making fake accounts with the purpose of associating trans people and symbols with white supremacy. One of them tagged me. Theres a whole thread on 4chan about this operation. Be aware, and report any of these accounts you see.

Twitter for iPad : Good morning #worldcon2019 ! I will be singing books at midday in the CCD level 4 foyer. If you dont have your book with you, I have special Worlcon adhesive book plates I can sign for you to take away and stick in your books when you get home.


Its a political stance against White Supremacy.

Making it illegal to be Anti-Fascist is exactly what fascist governments do. Trump is the real terrorist. Every day he uses state violence and encourages attacks against Latinos. #PortlandProtest

Twitter Web App : If you’re watching the Portland rally from Twitter today, remember the context:

Its organizers, the Proud Boys, meticulously plot what weapons to bring, who and how to attack, which cops are friendly, and how to cast blame on antifa when the dust settles m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5c…

iPhone : Elizabeth Warren) 's Twitter Profile">Elizabeth Warren No Elizabeth Warren) 's Twitter Profile">Elizabeth Warren plan is not perfect, because its probably impossible to have perfect at this juncture of colonial history. That said, it is evidence she is fundamentally rethinking the relationship between Native nations & the US to a partnership instead of throwing some bones.

iPhone : K.M. Butler Thanks for the follow. Here, I would have advertised one of my works, but my one and only piece on Kindle is less then satisfactory. This has me working tirelessly on a novel worthy of fine readers such as yourself.

iPhone : Aerial spraying for mosquitoes is scheduled between 8pm-4am, August 8-11 in parts of southeastern MA. Spraying is weather dependent & schedules may change. No special precautions are recommended for those in spray areas. Latest info: ow.ly/Ddww50vsnuT Mass Dept. of Agr

iPhone : Is this a joke I just made up or has it been made a million times:

Did you hear about the double sided dildo? It was just trying to make ends meet.

Anyway. I wrote that.

Twitter Web App : ‘I Want For Nothing, Mommy’: 5 Pleasureless Gifts To Give Your Ascetic 9-Year-Old For Their Birthday clckhl.co/9DulZRh

Android : This is disturbing, criminal and sociopathic behavior and a mark of someone we cannot trust to enforce our laws. This is also a good example of why we need a network of real protected bike lanes on our streets pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/video/4147347-…