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TweetDeck : Todays bedtime achievements: Toddler only had 2 meltdowns: One because we couldnt get her dad on the phone, the other because I accidentally shut her Corduroy bear in the hallway. Im batting 0/2 on parenting tonight but man it makes coding look easier.

Twitter Web App : I was only really able to start reading for lengths of time this weekend. Im not sure if it was the anesthesia or the surgery, but my cognition was a mess for a while.

iPhone : 🔹 Three Apocalyptic Archivists
🔹 Four Dystopian Supersoldiers
🔹 One Top Secret Treasure Map
🔹 Infinite Chances For Betrayal

Mercenary Librarians preorder links are finally live on our site! kitrocha.com/book/deal-with…

#MercenaryLibrarians May 2020 📚⚔️💕

(cover coming soon!)

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LaterMedia : The next YA bookclub pick is Wilder Girls by Rory Power Its been eighteen months since the Raxter School for Girls was put under quarantine. Since the Tox hit and pulled Hettys life out from under her...

Wednesday Oct. 9th 7pm.

Order the book: therippedbodicela.com/book/978133830…

Twitter Web Client : If you are interested in donating goods or services for our upcoming #RomanceforRAICES fundraiser (some funds will also go to The Young Center), please fill out this form:

Twitter Web App : Oh no I accidentally went to the British Library bookshop. /carries home vast teetering stack of books/

The Writing exhibition there is fantastic and on for another week btw. Just ware the bookshop.

iPhone : Captain Of Industry by Karin Kallmaker is the story of Jennifer Lamont and Suzanne Mason.

Jennifer is poised to become the next big thing in modelling and has her sights set on a career as an ... thelesbianreview.com/captain-indust…

Twitter Web App : a egg I relate to this because I always make decisions very abruptly after putting them off/thinking I dont need to make a change for a long time and then suddenly being like... wait no

iPhone : I can’t believe this book comes out in two weeks. May’s debut is an editorial dream. Her writing is so strong, the story entrapturing and original, and the romance is emotionally evocative and rich. Plus own voices trans/non-binary rep that made me cry and feel seen. twitter.com/maidensblade/s…

Twitter for iPad : TAYSHIA. PAUL. JONES.
Ok, that was adorable.
But what is with JPJ’s gag reflex. He needs to get that checked out. #bachelorinparadise

Twitter Web App : dream jobs:

• swamp witch
• gentleman treasure-hunter
• gnome doctor who lives in a mushroom
• magician who is in love with a rival magician
• cute waitress running her hand through a sack of grain

Twitter Web App : the let me in meme but its kenny ortega asking disney to let him put lgbt representation in movies
Let Him In

Facebook : We had actually planned an extra day in Dublin, to do a bit of sightseeing (compensating for the fact that, when I go to a con, I Do the Con and dont roam off-campus much plus laundry, as well be roaming the... facebook.com/ellen.kushner/…

iPhone : Or, to frame it another way: It’s ableist to conflate hate and abusiveness with mental illness.

And it’s racist to prioritize the mental health of white people who get caught doing racist things over the mental health of the victims of their racism. twitter.com/rutiregan/stat…

Android : Elizabeth Warrens criminal justice plan is really, really detailed and really, really comprehensive: medium.com/@teamwarren/re…

The Lesbian Review website : Captain Of Industry by Karin Kallmaker is the story of Jennifer Lamont and Suzanne Mason.

Jennifer is poised to become the next big thing in modelling and has her sights set on a career as an ... thelesbianreview.com/captain-indust…

iPhone : What democracy and peaceful protest look like: 1.7 million people marching yesterday in Hong Kongs Victoria Park.

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TweetDeck : He-Man is in the news and my gf just showed me this video and it has changed my life youtube.com/watch?v=FR7wOG…

Twitter Web App : So much for my hope that Ivan would turn out to be a horrible kisser and thereby convince me not to let this go any further than that. No such luck. He’s a stellar kisser. A champion kisser. Hell, he could be the patron saint of kissers.

#amwriting #thispartiskindaokay

Twitter Web Client : As long as shes trending lets all take a moment to recognize that Katie Holmes remains a mothereffing ninja for her jujitsu style divorce from Tom Cruise and the entire Church of Scientology.

iPhone : I’m only interested in two things, he said once, perhaps when he met you, too.

Science and pussy.




Spare me the fucking pearl clutching. Goddamn, you knew.

Twitter for iPad : Ok. Romancelandia? Why didnt someone tell me to devour Mia Hopkinss Eastside Brewery books before now? OMG SO GOOD.
Im kinda mad at yall. Not gonna lie.

iPhone : Inside crisis pregnancy centers — fake clinics where women are persuaded to carry pregnancies to term and that outnumber abortion providers three to one in Georgia. bit.ly/30qREpn via Guardian US

TweetCaster for Android : Patty Presumably practice drawings were made above ground in the sunshine. How did one qualify to be privileged to draw in the cave? And why werent the drawings signed! So many questions. Where did they buy the paints?

Tweetbot for iΟS : Anyone still watching Orange is the New Black? I just started the new season and I need someone to chat with!

Android : If you dont make friends easily, take a speech or theater class in your first term. Theyre more social classes that can help you make a friend or two early and feel less out of place. twitter.com/StaceyJSpiehle…

iPhone : I dont have solutions or any expectation of these spaces changing but if you did feel uncomfortable Im here to validate that.

Youre not the problem.

Fans of Color have always been part of fandom. We dont need to build our own because we helped build these platforms

Android : The number for Elections Canada is 1-800-463-6868 if you want to yell at them about this ridiculous climate policy is partisan bullshit.

Android : #DanielPantaleo lynched #EricGarner
#RamseyOrta is unfairly in prison for documenting a lynching up North.
Pantaleo needs to take his place behind bars.

Android : Just a reminder that its your last chance to donate a good or service for this upcoming fundraiser! And a huge shout-out to Suzanne for spearheading this. I just want to help, I know others do, too--and shes making it possible. twitter.com/LoveinPanels/s…

Twitter Web App : 🏆😮😁 Were over the moon! #AO3 just won the Hugo for best related work! twitter.com/Dublin2019/sta…

iPhone : Sam, 17, and Ruby, 15, are siblings who were nearly hit by the corrections officer who ran over peaceful protestors at the Wyatt Detention Center last Wednesday.

“I chose to go because as a Jew who had family die in the Holocaust, I felt a moral responsibility to be there.”

Twitter Web App : did u know ~bi week~ is coming up in september? id love to see pitches for it from bi+ writers for Autostraddle! get in touch at the email in my bio! check out some cool things weve done in the past if u want some inspiration!


Twitter Web App : Angelux Charlie Kirk It may also have been a dumb move politically (in addition to being insane and cruel health wise) bec now how can the antis bleat about “paying for your choices.” (I know. They didn’t, anyway. But now it is in the headlines that they will pay for nothing.)