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Twitter Web App : Heartbreaking story of Annet Negesa, a Ugandan distance runner and intersex woman who says Olympic officials pressured her into surgery in order to compete. Any time strict sex norms are enforced they come with a severe human cost.

Twitter Web App : This is hilarious and will be my go-to example to teach concepts in philosophy of language.


Android : A WH official told us Trump's letter, replete w/ grammatical errors and odd capitalizations, is his way of "trolling" Pelosi.

“We watched for a year and everybody said, ‘Oh she‘s so powerful now, she‘s so brilliant.‘ Show me one power move she‘s made." politico.com/news/2019/12/1…

Twitter Web App : Holy cow! Trans people are now being blamed for the joint pains of the British Asian community!!! 😳🤯

You couldn’t make this up!!!

How can ANYONE take this tinfoil-hat, obsessively trans-hostile group seriously???

They’ll literally weaponise ANYTHING against trans people!

Twitter Web App : you either accept trans women are females with atypical phenotype or you necessitate psych disorders to maintain logical consistency in your pseudoscientific “male” theories about us

ps- a century of trans research led to its DEMOTION as psych disorder...

*because it’s not one*

Twitter Web App : My friend doesn't share pics of herself online, and Lineham admitted he started following her because of her insights. Which means he:
1) Saw a woman say something insightful.
2) Discovered she was transgender.
3) Immediately began searching online for pics of her.

Twitter Web App : Case in point: Lineham spent this past weekend attacking a colleague of mine in the game industry, not for saying anything about him, not for saying anything about being trans. But for not being attractive enough. He even shared a pre-transition pic of her

Twitter Web App : I mean, what makes more sense: That a guy who built his TV writing career around tired misogyny would suddenly and spontaneously “get woke” and start standing up for women, but only in this one specific avenue,


That a chaser would lash out and hurt trans women?

Twitter Web App : There is like a99% chance Graham Lineham is a chaser and some day someone will find gigs and gigs of trans girl porn on his computer and we’ll all just nod and be like “oh yeah, now his obsession and very loud public hatred all make sense!”

Twitter Web App : (thread)

Liberal dudes reading white supremacist 8chan misogyny often say, "this can't be real, can it?"

The answer-as most women already know-is yes.

When it comes to dehumanizing misogyny, 8channers believe they have "science" to back it up.

And surprise, it's pedophilic. twitter.com/gwensnyderPHL/…

Twitter Web App : heres the tweet in question, its spot on

to suggest labour lost because of their stance on trans issues is provably wrong given the SNP won a landslide in Scotland while having a more trans friendly manifesto that, unlike Labour, didnt have an anti-trans dogwhistle

Twitter Web App : a journalist was bullied into apologising to Helen Lewis after they said she was morally bankrupt, moronic & transphobia had rotted her brain

so its time to dig these out & remind everyone Helen Lewis is a lying anti-trans propagandist who incites violence against trans ppl

Twitter Web App : Who's your nominee? Time's running out!