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TweetDeck : every time i hear the president speaking aloud the general effect is that of an incoherently drunk person yelling at passersby on the sidewalk outside my window at 3am

TweetDeck : "My being a mother is sort of a weird quirk I have, a kink they don’t share, and it’s rude, after all, to yuck another’s yum."

Michelle Tea is great on what happens when you bring a baby into a radical queer life: buzzfeednews.com/article/michel…

TweetDeck : I put up a piece today about why I went from skeptical of unions to very supportive of them. You should read it: vox.com/policy-and-pol….

But I wanted to do a thread on the seven big reasons I changed my mind.

TweetDeck : i deleted twitter from my phone so i'm just catching up and the anti-1619 discourse is SO much stupider than i could have imagined!! like, folks, i gotta say it doesn't get a lot more divisive than some people owning other people

TweetDeck : i don't personally keep up with the kardashians BUT i'll read whatever Zan Romanoff writes about them because she's so smart and right! (sleep with one eye open, Stassie) buzzfeednews.com/article/zanrom…

iPhone : you’d be surprised how often i have the impulse to tweet about how much i resent having to take regular showers but then search my own tweets and realize there’s nothing more to say