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Bio Eco Friend. LDS member. TaeKwonDo black belt. Sci-fi fan. Gluten free, Technical Writer and business owner, AI/AR bringing tech together. From: Ypsilanti MI
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iPhone : ⁣Gracias FRANCE 24 Español por amplificar mi vos!⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
Check out this TV interview I did (from my schools costume room when I was supposed to be in homeroom) about the youth climate movement and what 2020 holds for us. It’s in Spanish, (sorry gringos 😂)! ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

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iPhone : Glad I'm not watching the bunch of bullsh*t lies the defense is attempting to make for the most corrupt POTUS ever

Evidence is damning

He violated his oath of office

He called a hit on Yovanovitch, tainted her reputation
Put Ukraine in danger
Put us in danger for his self gain

iPhone : We are prepared to do whatever is necessary to protect our future. We will stop going to school. We will stop going to work. We will refuse to participate in a society and economy - Thanks 🙏 to Elizabeth Wathuti 🇰🇪
#Tiredearth #FridaysForFuture Greta Thunberg #schoolstrike4climate…

iPhone : Everything turns, rotates, spins, circles, loops, pulsates, resonates,
and repeats. Circles of life. Born from pulses of light. Vibrate to breathe, while spiraling outwards, For infinity through the lens of time,
and into a sea of stars and lucid

iPhone : Do you like our dancing ? If yes please share 😍

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iPhone : Amazing seeing everyone out on the streets today for a #ClimateStrike! as those in #Davos argue and continue with their political infighting, people have the soloutions, we just need to listen to them!

Twitter Web App : Are you ready to explore the next frontier with Bill Nye? Strap in, and get ready for a bubbly ride. 2.2.2020 #ABetterWayToBubble🚀

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Twitter Web App : roonil wazlib Actually, I usually have 5 going concurrently. That way, I can pick the one that best suits my mood. Currently I have: Deception Point; It Can't Happen Here; Smart Cities; Superintelligence (about AI), and Treasure Island (the classic) in the works.

Twitter Web App : Now I just try to fill my personal page with honesty and my story, which is its own unique thing for sure and in a lot of ways a lot harder to do

Twitter Web App : Just remember the man youre defending, Senator Graham.

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