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Bio 2 Times Wounded Proud Afghan Pilot| EWS, Marine Corps University Graduate| Author: Afghanistan a Collection of Stories| Opinions are mine| #AfghanistanFirst
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iPhone : The Caravan of Wisdom in Jaghori

The enemies of knowledge & wisdom, the Taliban are defeated in two fronts, on the battlefields by ANDSF & on the other fields by ordinary Afghans who are saying NO to Taliban & their ideology everyday!

iPhone : I am grateful to our president Ashraf Ghani for his message of condolences to my friend, Maj Taylor’s family. I am more grateful to Brent’s wife & his family for reading a part of it in his funeral. I hope this little contribution eased your pain Mrs. Jennie Taylor.
RIP Brent!

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iPhone : Do you remember the story we brought you about a letter written to Jennie Taylor by an Afghan pilot? (If not: kutv.com/news/local/afg…)

#MajorBrentTaylors brother quoted from that letter during todays funeral service.

Abdul Rahman Rahmani KUTV 2News #Utah #NationalGuard #Hero 🇺🇸

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iPhone : You certainly did impacted a lot of people Sir..u R a great patriotic son of this land..so with all that being, hats off to u& to d rest of your friends &colleagues in Special Mission Wing..Allah almighty Keep you all in the shadow of his safety &May lord accept y’all sacrifices. twitter.com/rahmanrahmanee…

iPhone : The global brotherhood of the military is strong. Because we are sincere and can understand each other, no matter where we are from.
Why the military is often better at peace making than diplomats..its about the messenger, not just the message
Thanks for sharing Abdul Rahman Rahmani twitter.com/rahmanrahmanee…

iPhone : A contractor, Scott Miller, had an argument with me back in 2013, we couldn’t get along after that. Yesterday, he came to me, tears in his eyes, called my name, hugged me, & said THANK YOU for the letter that I wrote to Maj Taylor’s family.

Biggest moment of a good partnership!

iPhone : Gen. Miller is always meeting with reliable partners to increase the lethal pressure on the Taliban which will lead to a political solution. The Taliban are learning continued fighting is pointless. twitter.com/rahmanrahmanee…

iPhone : Our little Messi is amongst the displaced people from Jaghori district who left their hometown. He fled Jaghori with his family to Bamiyan to seek refuge.

This war is brutal & must be stopped immediately. We (ANDSF) will take this fight to Pak backed TBN terrorists. Trust us!

iPhone : Abdul Rahman Rahmani) 's Twitter Profile">Abdul Rahman Rahmani Gr8 analysis Abdul Rahman Rahmani) 's Twitter Profile">Abdul Rahman Rahmani. I would go one step ahead, the gov shouldn't just limit to counter propaganda but create cyber warfare capability. Attack TB propaganda channels, extract intelligence from these sources. Share their findings with NDS to target enemies on the ground.

iPhone : Two special forces by trade, two killing machines, two lethal officer, & two game changers. I am sure they got together to discussed security issues across Afghanistan, I think they need to meet more often.