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Twitter for iPad : Barney ™ Development teams have been good but they’re not competing against the better academies. A little perspective is needed in qualifying any success.

Twitter for iPad : Adam Pope Evidence since January in terms of results suggests Bielsa is right to state this squad won’t repeat last seasons performance. It’s quite simple improve, which is likely to be expensive, or be left behind again.

Twitter for iPad : Mags The only state aid the right believes in is the type that lands in the pockets of their donors/future employers.

Twitter for iPad : Jordan Townend Stuart Grant Equal split of all revenues generated by the league ensures everyone has equal opportunity. If the home of capitalism adopts an essentially socialist fair distribution of wealth then why not here.

Twitter for iPad : Stuart Grant Jordan Townend American sport prioritises competitive balance. There’s zero understanding here that it’s essential to the long term health of the game. Media, governing body etc under illusion only top 4 matter.

Twitter for iPad : This a million times over. Least one media outlet doesn't slander and ignore the greatness of Bielsa…

Twitter for iPad : Andy P Think it was Mags said Leeds fans cursed by being the type who if living in Barcelona would have picked Espanyol.

Twitter for iPad : So let’s get this right. On top of £9,000 a month salary and £30,000 a month in media fees, ⁦Nigel Farage⁩ also got an additional £450,000 from Arron Banks for house, car and driver. And he has the audacity to claim he’s a man of the people…

Twitter for iPad : Jamie Bartlett People have fallen for this "its for your own safety" bollocks for years. Its state surveillance that's what it is. If you aren't a suspect why should you have your privacy invaded just for walking down the street? Why do people put up with this?