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Android : 7elm 7ayate atsawar sowar 7elwa zy namjoon bas el baka2 lellah twitter.com/BTS_twt/status…

Android : i saw a little boy on a wheelchair and captain america's shield was drawn on the wheel it made my tiny heart weep

Android : In case y’all are having a bad day , I found this at tiktok

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Android : In the past 96 hours in India:

*Muslim driver attacked with Iron rods by Hindutva mob.

*Two Muslim youths attacked with knives by Hindutva mob.

*Mosque attacked in Gujarat.

Android : My grandma’s house was raided by SWAT bc someone wrongly identified my uncle for a person with a warrant out for his arrest. They came in, threatened to shoot them and searched the house THEN showed their warrant after. My grandma had a heart attack and is now in ICU after

Android : كلنا حاملون للعيوب ولولا ستر الله لأنحنت أعناقنا من شدة الخجل فلا تعيب والعيب فيك twitter.com/Ghadamahmoud_/…

Android : some of these dad sneakers are either cute or the ugliest thing i've ever laid my eyes on there's no in-between

Android : this is a girl who travelled 32 hours by train to a climate conference to avoid the CO2 from planes, and is currently sailing 13 DAYS to avoid the environmental impact of air travel

and you think it’s clever to mock her??? i know who i admire in this exchange, and it’s not you. twitter.com/juliahb1/statu…